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Recent posts by Patel Ashish

Dear Team,

I have completed all three parts of OCMJEA6 exam.
Please suggest process to update name in OCMJEA Wall Of Fame.

Dear Team,

I already have Java 1.8 and SCWCD 1.4 certification. Hence is it really required to complete OCMJEA6 mandatory training to receive Oracle Enterprise Architect certifications ?

I have completed all part (Part 1 , PArt 2 and PArt 3 with 90% ) of OCMJEA6 Certification. Status of Part2 and Part3 result showing as TAKEN.
Someone from coderanch group suggest me to complete anyone online training provided by Oracle then only you will get Certification Badge and hard copy.

My query is why we should attend training ? Its a waste of money because I have checked all courses with price structure. For Example - Java 7 fundamental having price like 25000 INR [ This is min amount for course.. Other course prices > 100000 INR).

I already completed Java 8 certification then why i should pay for Java 7 fundamental  course ?

Kindly suggest.

Dear Team,

I would like to know that , is there any Java Certification (Associate or Programming) is mandatory  for OCMJEA certifications ?

Your prompt response would really appreciated.


2 years ago
Dear Angelo Verdicchio,

Congratulations !!

I have same query. I have cleared OCMJEA6 Part2 and Part3 last month. 1z0-866 exam result showing as TAKEN.Got 143 marks out of 160.

Would like to know like training is mandatory to update result as PASS for 1z0-866 exam ?

Dear Team ,
Kindly help me to clear my doubt shared in above post.
It would be really great help because sent mail to Oracle tea twice but no one has responded yet 😏😣😑
2 years ago
Dear Team , please help on above query
2 years ago
Thanks for your prompt response.

As per my knowledge , results combined for part2 and part3. As per marking instructions given in an Quick Computer assignment , it's clearly mentioned that like you will get results for both part 2 and 3. And we will share result like Pass or Fail.

There are total 160 marks for part2 and part3 , 24 marks for part3.

I got 143 marks it means I have cleared 3 part also. Because if I will deduct 24 marks for part3 from overall score then  remain score will be 136 marks and I got 143 mark.

I am confused now. As oracle also shared congratulations message in results.
If any chance , if oracle failed me in essay writing exam then what happened about PASS result shared to me ???

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me to clear my doubt..

Looking forward for prompt response.

Ashish Patel

2 years ago
Dear All,

I have doubt on Grading given by Oracle on certview site.

Last week , I have given 1z0-865 and 1z0-866 exam.

Received exam result after 3 days like PASS. [Total 143 marks].

In certview site , status of exam 1z0-865 is showing PASS and status of 1z0-866 exam is showing TAKEN.

I would like to know when result will show as PASS for exam code 1z0-866.

Is there any step i have missed out ?

Please help.
2 years ago
Dear Ankit ,

Thank you very much for your prompt replay.

I was too much worried.

I am working on Quick Computer assignment and completed everything.

I am planning to submit assignment by end of this month.

Ashish Patel
Dear Team,

I am working on assignment since last 3 months.
I have created all artifacts required for assignment submission.

I have mentioned JSP/Servlet for presentation tier and created all artifacts based on JSP/Servlet selection.

Yesterday I was discussed my assignment with friend and he told , you must use JSF because its part of J2EE tech stack otherwise oracle will fail you.

I would like to know - is is mandatory to use JSF over JSP/Servlet ?

I was looking for same contents. Thank you very much for detailed descriptions.

Ashish Patel
2 years ago
Dear Team,

I am working on 1z0-865 exam. Few queries regarding class diagram contents.

1) If DTO and Entity have same attributes then is it really required to show in class diagram ?
For Example - From servlet to EJB , I am passing DTO object and from Bean to DAO , I am passing entity object to persist in database using JPA.

Difference between DTO and Entity :
All entity classes having  @Entity annotation and related onetomany or manytoone or onetoone relationship.
Attributes level , both are same.

I am using UML compliance free product to design Class Diagram for complete system.

Can we show only Class diagram empty box with <<Entity>>EntityName instead of showing all attributes with mapping ? with one note in box like attributes are same as DTO.

Looking forward to your prompt response.

Hi guys,

It's my first post here... Thank you all for this great community !

I have passed Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Exam on o3-March-2018 and feel very much happy.

I still have very fresh preparation experience and will be glad to help.

3 years ago