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Recent posts by Anuragk kushwaha

Yes sir, here is the method at javax.wsdl.xml

10 years ago
Dear All,

Any help very much appreciated.
10 years ago
Dear All,

I am facing big trouble while deploying apps- getting the following exceptions

Above errors coming for every module and my analysis is saying that theses exception are coming every time when the IOC is trying to create baens defined under tag in beans.xml

I tried hard to resoolved this but no luck, please help me out on this issue.

Thanks & Regards,
10 years ago
Hi Armitage,

Tried to run multiple time but didn't got any failure again. Allready applied your suggestion and will post once i'll see any problems.

11 years ago
Hi Armitage,

Thanks for your quick response.


Errors comming when i am building my project using-
11 years ago
Dear Forum members,

I am facing some issues while building the code because of one test failure. This is happening intermittently, occurs once when I build the code approx 20 times. The error I am getting at console is:



When i looked into surefire report, i got the following info there-

I tried to get any solution on Google and dig a lot but no success. Please put some light on the issues, I'll really great full for your help.


11 years ago
now i think the conclusion...

1. when the instense var, class var and local var used without final keyword then instence var and class var get its default value and local var must be initilised otherwise give compilation error.

2.. and when used with final keyword then instence var and static var must be initilised otherwise give compilation error, while local final var may be left uninitilised, it will not give compile time error but if we will be trying to use that local var then it will give compile time error.
this will compile without error

but the following will not compile.........

Hi Weber,

you said

then why the below code is not compiled

why not instence var x gets its default value... please reply confused
Dear NDP..

waht you did ? , just overriding.

with overriding we can achieve runtime polymorphism while using overloading we can achieve compile time polymorphism.

it means in case of overloading method called using refeneces.

---please correct me if i am wrong.
Hi Ganesh,,

JVM is a program which is outside your package. since execution point of any prog is main() which must be defined in a public class, because it is accesed by jvm which is outside the package.
yes, Sweety is talking about Numeric Promotions when evaluating expressions....Numeric operators only allow operands of certain is implicitly applied on the operands to convert them to permissible types.

unary numeric promotion as.....

If the single operand of the operator has a type narrower than int, it is converted to int by an implicit widening primitive conversion; otherwise, it is not converted.

binary numeric promotions.....

Binary numeric promotion implicitly applies appropriate widening primitive conversions so that a pair of operands have the broadest numeric type of the two, which is always at least int.

Hi Sweety...

1...class variables also get memory from heap.

2.. class is not created in memory. it's a prototype which binds code and data together , it dosen't have physical aapearence in memory.
it is a means of encapsulation for state and behaviour..
Congrats Priyanka...

would you please share experience durring exam..
16 years ago