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Hi, we are facing a problem with session replication in weblogic 8.1 SP6.

Description of the problem:

We have two servers, and each has two instances of weblogic server. One is primary and the other is secondary instance on both the servers. Here we are using In-Memory replication for session replication method. The problem is session id for the same user is going to be changed even though session is same and active. This happens sporadically. It is not happening for all users all the time. Some time, when user logs in and do some task and accidentally their session id gets changed.

Here is the weblogic.xml content:

Here are the two different example where session ids are different with same session:


any Quick Help to resolve the issue would be highly appreciated...

Thanks ..
Ramesh Mekala
14 years ago
By putting that variale in session if you are maintianing it.
Second is that, you can pass variable as parameter after URL string and pass it to JSP
16 years ago
Hi Bryan,
It was an offer from SUN that whoever completes certification on or before 30th March, would a get a T-shirt from SUN absolutly free.
Yesterday Only, I recieved my kit but I havn't got my T-shirt.
Please can you convey my grievience to SUN Team....??
Let me know what I need to do...

Thanks in advance
You can write a java script function for that. This java script function should be called onClick event of both buttons.
function openPage(var s)
document.YourFormName.action = 'Login.jsp';
document.YourFormName.action = 'Register.jsp';


16 years ago
HFSJ 1.4 is a good book indeed but just reading book is not quite good for good score. You have to do some practice on Mock Tests as much as possible that really helps you more
Hi All,
I have given SCWCD 1.4 exam(310-081) on last Saturday and got 81%
I was shocked when I saw that there were 80 questions and time was 2 hours and 55 mins. In that 80 questions there 10 non scoring question have been added by Sun and that's why 40 mins added for that. This 10 questions are not going to consider your final test score.

I also felt one thing for this new pattern is that reading HFSJ 1.4 is enough to get good score but to get very good score you need to go with some extra stuff like more practice of Standard Mock exams and be familiar with question that can confuse in real exam.

Best of Luck for all who wish appear
Hey !!
If Still is giving error than do one thing...
use action instead of page in <a href> tag..

Because, action tag is more convenient than Page when you are calling an action specifically....

andPage is used when you wnat to forward request to any JSP page directly
16 years ago
doPut() is the best way to pload file.......
Thanks my friend.........
Now i am little bit happy to say that we have done migration almost..
I hope we can make it in next few days.
Please reply if someone is going to climb this Mt. Avrest like us....

SCJP 98%(was expecting 100 )
17 years ago
i don't think that session bean can have overloaded create() method
it can have for Entity Bean
How and why Entity bean doesn't require create() method ?
I think it would come to e-mail account....Or you can also contact to Prometric center where you have given the exams
Hi All Ranchers,
I have been going to migrate an application from Weblogic 5.1 to WebLogic 9.2 i have imported it to 9.2 but it is giving so many errors but it gives one by one so when i solve a an error after that next error comes.
In older version there is no JPF or any like
I need help in this regards that what steps should i follow to migrate from Weblogic 5.1 to weblogic 9.2 ?
Can anybody helpin his regards.....

Thanks and Regards,
SCJP1.4 98%
SCBCD (preparing for 100%)
17 years ago