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Recent posts by Ramna Reddy

Please answer the following questions, if it is not clear ,let me know ...

1) Is it necessary to expose a webservice at UDDI if both the service and client know each other,I mean both the client and service are in same organisation but run on different servers ?

2) If a Web service is implemented using jaxws and want to expose it , Does it should to register it at UDDI or somewhere else ?

The client who wants to use this service have to generate the client stubs using the wsdl provided by implemented service, I right ?

3) If I am writing a service and client myself,that means the client knows the location of server,in this case do I still need registering with UDDI ?
13 years ago

Can I use HttpURLconnection in place of webservice,if I knew the Server and Client location ?
Hi friends,

I have a doubt ,which is better,what are pros and cons and any restrictions about using a point to point webservice (that means client knows the server location) and java HttpURLConnection ?

Can I use HttpURLconnection in place of webservice,if I knew the Server and Client location ?

Sorry,if I confused you,as I am in confusion a bit...

13 years ago
Hi Friends,

I am a newbie to webservices, just started working out few samples,but making myself complicated ,so I would like to know what are all the possible ways to create a webservice ?

I got to know about axis2 and jaxws, which one is the best ?

I use Eclipse Ganymede version 3.4.0 and my application runs on server Tomcat 5.5.17 and jdk1.5.0_08

Thank you all.
13 years ago

Hi Fiends, sorry for not giving much details in my last post.

Here is the actual requirement: Lets say,for example the task is to issue a Ticket for a traveler for a selected flight. So I implement a function/method in my application like issueTicket()... (it takes some required params,that will be defined and will return a updated response)...I want this isseTicket() method accessible for different clients(ofcourse with some authentication) how can I use a webservice in this case...

If needed more details,please let me know....

I don't know what is the difference between a SOAP and REST services.

Thanks in advance...

13 years ago

HI Ranchers,

what is difference between SOAP and REST webservices ?


13 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

I am completely new to webservices, but I have a task to implement webservices in my current application;
So, what are the prerequisites I need to have.

My requirement is : I have to implement a service on server(lets say service provider) and I have to access it as a client from my application from a different server.

Please give me a good example,if possible.

Thank you in advance.

13 years ago

That's not a joke. That's serious and any bank will ask the money back which they borrowed you!

Mr.Jothi Shankar,Please do not deviate from the main question,I asked whether there are any problems from that particular Bank after getting the loan,like the Bank's response, interest calculations when there is a change,and while foreclosing the loan amount etc.

Hope you understand better now.

14 years ago

Hi Friends,
I decided to buy a home and finalised it and wanted to take home loan from ING Vysya Bank.
Any of you have taken Home loan from ING Vysya,if so, have you faced any kind of problems? Is it ok to take from that bank?

Please suggest.

Thank you,
14 years ago
@Ulf Dittmer:
Sebastian suggested to use "application'' instead of "request.getSession(false).getServletContext",
But the problem is not to do with this.

Please can anybody suggest me in this. Without depending/using on this deployment descriptor can we get servlet context name? If, how we can? Thanks in advance.
14 years ago
@Ankit: getServletContext().getContextPath() is not working. I think getContextPath() is not valid in servletcontext.

Can you suggest any other way/idea instead of doing all this with deployment descriptor and getting value.
14 years ago

i have to get the servletcontext name in my application.

Eg: http://localhost:8080/myapplication/index.jsp, here i have to get the servletcontext/webapp name (i.e. myapplication) in my app. But here, i should not use request.getContextPath(); as this comes from the browser URL. The reason is, For my application i am not giving the direct URL of server to client. Client access the application from a proxy. So, in my application i can't take this servletcontext name from the browser.

For this, i am doing this :-

in deployment descriptor (web.xml)

i have given the tag as,

- - -
- - -

In JSP, to get the servletcontextname i am using this:
Is any other way to get servletcontext name, because in the way which i have mentioned i should give the name compulsory in deployment descriptor file.

Please let me know if any other choices. Thanks in advance.....

14 years ago
Thank you guys,

To avoid the above the problem,now I have to convert 'double ' values to BigDecimal, I would like to know,if converting double to bigdecimal and again bigdecimal to double,would result any bad effects..I mean any truncation takes place.

For Ex;
static Double getTotal(){
Double dTotal = new Double(0.0);//suppose this is existing
BigDecimal bTotal = new BigDecimal(Double.toString(dTotal));// I want to change like this

//dTotal += anObject.getTotal(); // let's say existing as above
bTotal = bTotal.add(new BigDecimal(anObject.getTotal().toString()));// new anObject.getTotal() returns double value

dTotal = bTotal.doubleValue();

return dTotal;
15 years ago