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Recent posts by Tanin Patsornpun

Hi Salil ,

Congratulations with your great score.

Can you give more detail about your preparation material, that RMH book.

Hi all,

From the HFEJB book, it said that Container will acknowledge
the JMS server when it receive the message so JMS server can remove that message from the Queue. And if the message processing fail, the Container will tell the JMS server so the JMS server can put that message back into the queue.

But later the book say, if we use CMT in MDB and then receive a bad
message that can never commit, the JMS server will keep sending
that message to the Container. And results in a suggestion that should
use BMT to avoid this issue.

How can the JSM server keep sending that message if it is removed from
the Queue in the first place.

Sound like, the Container will sent JMS server the acknowledge only
after the message processing success. The message will be remain in the
Queue until the JMS server get the acknowledge from the Container, and it make sense with this assumption.

please correct if I went wrong.

Hi guys,

I am preparing for the SCBCD and get a little doubt.
CMP fields name is a fake name mede by the bean provider
who has no idea about the real operation environment DB schema.
How can the link between the CMP fields and the real DB schema
be established.

Thank in advance.