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Recent posts by Gail Schlentz

Dennis Deems wrote:

Mohamed Sanaulla wrote:I have used- continuing to use Avast Free on Win XP though.

Maybe I should give it a try. Does it pester the user with annoying pop-ups?

I've been using Avast for a couple of years and love it! When I recently installed it on my Win7 machine, I did start seeing popups, right after startup, just telling me it's been updated, or some such message. Not really annoying to me!
10 years ago

Jesper de Jong wrote:I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with source code buzzing through my head. Very annoying, when you want to sleep.

Me too. And the horrible part is - it never compiles in the morning... :-(
11 years ago
My favorite is You can set up your own radio station or listen to some of theirs. You can skip &/or "ban" songs or artists. The free version only gives you 6 skips per hour, but the paid one ($3.99/month, I think?) gives you unlimited. I use it on my computer, and on my Droid. I love it!
11 years ago

Mary Chellapa wrote:

Vishal Hegde wrote:So when is the World Going to end, Is it this Month or some other month of 2012..

20 DEC 2012

Sweet! Think of all the money we'll save on Christmas presents!!
11 years ago
" the time..." ?? I think this is the perfect gift!! Cute, and delicious too!!! Any girl could be won over with a bouquet of these!!
11 years ago
Thanks for the advice guys!!
12 years ago
Hi - not sure if this is truly meaningless, but this is my favorite Java forum, so here goes... A few years back, I found (on Javaranch) a list of some companies that offer Java & JSP hosting. I've been searching this morning & can no longer find it.

I'm ready to fire Mocha Host. Also, I just had someone from GoDaddy tell me that they support Java & JSP, only to find out after I purchased a plan, that she lied...

Anyone have any inexpensive options to suggest?

Many thanks!!
12 years ago
My daughter loves pecan pie, but doesn't like the pecans (puh-kahns). So once in a while I make it w/o the pecans. We call it "Goo Pie".
12 years ago
God is great;
Beer is good;
People are crazy.

(Do song lyrics count??)
14 years ago

Henry Wong wrote:
Morale? Morality? Fairness? Harm? etc... All of these discussions are fine, but...

A company's main purpose is the business. No matter how you slice it -- breaking an indecency law will put the company at risk (law suits, reputation in the media, etc.). In terms of business, most companies won't think twice about this -- simply get rid of the risk and move on.


Yep - it all comes down to the lawsuits. SAD but true.
14 years ago

Darya Akbari wrote:

Elaine Micheals wrote:Sex at work would definitely increase morale!!

Elaine, you seem to have a lot of fantasy, so why don't you elaborate more on how that would increase morale ?

Now, now... this is a family forum...
14 years ago

Darya Akbari wrote:It's a question of morale . People w/o morale are not worth it and of course I would fire those who cross that red line w/o mercy.

Morale? Sex at work would definitely increase morale!! Now morals - that's a different issue entirely...
14 years ago
Jeeez, Fred - by "sleeve", did you mean "box"?? I mean - how can you possibly leave an opened box of Girl Scout cookies laying around?!
14 years ago