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Recent posts by AmanSingh SIdhu

Hi Here is my complete problem,
And the solution that i am using.
Can anybody let me know what wrong am I doing?

<logic:iterate name = "list" id = "line">
<tr >
<td align = "center" >
<html:checkbox name="line" property = "fieldA" indexed = "true" value = "true" ></html:checkbox>
<td align="Center"><bean:write name ="line" property = "message" /></td>
Line[] line = new Line[]{};

public Line[] getLine() {
return line;

public void setLine(Line[] line) {
this.line = line;

public Line getLine(int index){
line[index] = new Line();

return (Line) line[index];
boolean fieldA;

public boolean isFieldA() {
return fieldA;

public boolean getFieldA(){
return fieldA;

Now when i run theis i get error:
javax.servlet.ServletException: No getter method for property fieldA of bean line

my understanding about indexed fields is that getLine[0] will be called, which is a Line object and that does have getter method for fieldA.

Also I read in some places that name attribute for dynamic check box should be same as id attribute forlogi:iterate tag.

Can anybody please help me.

Thanks A lot
public void setFieldA(boolean fieldA) {
this.fieldA = fieldA;
15 years ago
Also for the above I have dynamic rows ie Result set from data base,
Against each row is a check box, SO I do not know either the name or the number of check boxes I am going to have.
But I need to retrieve only the rows that have been check and submit them back to
15 years ago
Can anybody help me?
I am using <html:checkbox> and know that I can use indexed property to have dynamic number of check boxes.
But, i am unable to get the values in form bean.
Can anybody please please put a sample code.
I have read over various sites it is very confusing and I am completely lost
15 years ago
Thanks for your help.
It worked, solves my problem.
15 years ago
<html:select property="productIds" size="1">
<html ptions collection="quickRecruitProductSelectList" property="value" labelProperty="label" />

I have this drop down select box.
I need to able to add the functionality that it does not expand beyong a certain size.
ie if I have a string of 100 chars, it expands to adjust that string and the whole jsp gets broader.

Is there a way to tel it to stay say 50 cahrs wide and just highlight the info when point it. etc. or any other suggestion to do this.

15 years ago