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Recent posts by Shang Lee

Hi David,

You are definitely on the right track (e.g. practising with simulator and assuming you are using the preparation guides often mentioned here).

Don't give up now. Perhaps for now, you do not gauge yourself based on the score you have received on the mocks but rather how much new knowledge you gain each day. I think it�d be great if you can pick up 1 or 2 new concepts each day.

Don�t overly pressure yourself. Allocate a more comfortable timeframe for your revision. You can always reschedule your exam to a later date.
Hi Lavanya,

Are there more information provided on the question (e.g. need keys in a sorted order...etc.)?

"Hashtable is synchronized. TreeMap maintains keys in a sorted order."

Storing Objects in Java, Part 3 - The Map Interface
Hi Lavanya,

I'd pick the first option - Map.
Hi Lavanya,

I'd go with option "d" - LinkedList.
Hi Sadasiva,

You ask for examples so based on what Gaurav have mentioned earlier, you can code something like this:



It is illegal to have "try" without "catch" or "finally". You need to have at least one of them - "catch" or "finally".
Congratulations Nilesh
15 years ago
Hi Namit,

You can always reschedule your exam if you feel that you need more time for your revision.
Hi vRaj,

Do visit the SCJP-FAQ section, it should address most of your initial queries. Here's the link: SCJP-FAQ
Hi Eleanor,

You can read more about "Overriding and Hiding" here.
Hi Ram,

Assertion allows you to test your assumptions during development but the asertion code will not be present when you deploy the software. So there's no overhead and extra code. For example, if you assume that no negative numbers will be passed into your method:

private void yourMethod(int x)
assert (x >= 0); // throws AssertionError if "x" is negative
// proceed with rest of code

Also, it will help if you get at least one good book to help in your study. Do a search on "SCJP" at SCJP books by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates are very popular here. I believe you will enjoy reading their books.
Hi Allan,

newName refers to "Nick" but in the next line, it refers to "Jason". "Nick" is now eligible for garbage collection.
Hi Barry,

Thank you for pointing them out.