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Recent posts by sachin K Kansal

first check the tnsnames.ora file on your system. Might you have overwritten that one in which SID and other info for the server were there.

You can copy the tnsnames.ora file from another similar client system and replace it with new one.

Also check if oracle server is on and you are able to ping it.
16 years ago
hi Himadri,

You can use either lower or upper function on both sides of the where condition

eg: select * from emp where upper(job)= upper('dba');

if you use at either side of where clause it may not retrieve proper results
16 years ago
Bounce your database and then try.
16 years ago
TNSNAMES.ora is configuration file in Oracle which specifies what database needs to be connected when a particular host string is basically it's an database pointing config file.

This needs to be placed at the Oracle home directory. It should be under Network/Admin.
16 years ago
There should be an "after servererror" trigger on the database and it is also committing in it.

use the following query to find that trigger name.

select owner, trigger_name
from dba_triggers
where trigger_type = 'AFTER EVENT';

What you can do is, either drop that trigger or you can make it as an Autonomus Transaction.

For all this you should have the required previliges or a DBA role assigned.
16 years ago

Please someone let me know what salary should be expected (IN Yen) in Japan for a person having around 7 years of experience in Oracle and D2K.
The role offered is of Sr.Analyst (Technical).
16 years ago

I am Sachin.

Please let me know which companies are hiring database professionals in Oracle Technology in Delhi/Noida/Gurgaon. Presently I am in Bangalore.

I am having 2 years of DBA exp out of total 6.3 years. Also worked as an DB2 DBA for a year as well.

I have to attain OCP, but does this mater if you have relevant experience ?
16 years ago