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Recent posts by Rohan Kalbhor

Hello Sean,

That page which I am trying to access is not related to any database activity. I am able to do other database activities without any issues. From what searched on the net it seems that client is trying to pass wrong user/pass due to which this error could come up, but what surprises me is that this page is a part of the whole app and how should it pass any other wrong credentials?

13 years ago
Hi Michael,

I know it REAAALLY long time i had a chance to look at this topic, but if must know we found a very weird workaround for this issue, it was not like we found out but we discovered it.

it seems that this issue comes up because some of the source code files including JSPs get corrupted because of implementation. When we refresh the entire codebase folder this issue vanishes. To resolve this issue we did a rehost in-place and issue was permanently fixed.

Rohan Kalbhor
13 years ago
Hello all,

I am trying to implement a distributed Java Web application with Apache installed on machine as a load balancer and 2 other machines having Tomcat to which requests are forwarded.

When ever I try to access any applets/Java applications from a client machine, I get the below error which is logged in either of the Slave tomcat . I am not sure if this trace is enough to analyse the issue, please let me know if any more info is reuired.

13 years ago
Hi Brett,

As a matter of fact I am facing issues with PDMLink 9.0 too

15 years ago
Hi All,

My tomcat instance went unresponsive with following error in the mod_jk log:

Kindly suggest

Thanks in advance
15 years ago
Hi All,

When working on my sorftware...I get the following error on the web page, when browsing

Unable to process tag: GetModelTag [
modelBean.modelCommand="TreeCommand [
class="class com.ptc.core.components.command.TreeCommand"
One of the solution was to clear off the tomcat cache and restart my server, but this issue is repeating every 2-3 days. I have even tried increasing the Tomcat memory to 512 mb

Please suggest.
15 years ago

google for [bold]DJ Decompiler version 3.7[/bold]
its a freeware and very efficient
16 years ago
make sure your specified path is correct and if the '.properties' file is present in a specific folder make sure you access the file as
16 years ago

I am reading the file and firing a a method if a condition is satisfied,this methos enables a button whihch is priorly disabled
but it is not happening
please hellp
[ January 29, 2008: Message edited by: Rohan Kalbhor ]
16 years ago
Hi all,
I am using a button in swing which is initially disabled

then , when another method is called i am trying to enable it


But this is not working...Am i doing it wrong?

Please help.
16 years ago
hello all,

i want to create an button action event when a field switches from 0 to 1.
How can i implement it?

please help
16 years ago
Hi Peter,
the '==' case was the issue......
loads of thanks...the problem is solved
16 years ago
Hi guys,

I am reading a file and trying to grab some values from the file using string tokenizer
for example
if there are 3 lines in a file


i am using the following code


i want the output to be printed as 2.....but not able to do so
Please help.
16 years ago
hi guysm
is it possible to modify a .properties file, from a java program using resourcebundle?
16 years ago
Hi Campbell,

thanks for acquainting me with this policy.
I have just given an overall idea of the logic with code.I feel that this forum is for beginners.So most of the programmers have good logic but problems arise during coding.

I will avoid it next time.

16 years ago