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Recent posts by Kerry Shannon

It worked correctly when I started it this morning. I was looking for a switch or setting. I am pleased it was just the order of shutdown. Thanks.
20 years ago
We have two unix servers running WebSphere 3.5.4. One server restarts the default server and web app when it restarts every day. The second one does not restart the same default server / web app. I loaded the second using export / import from the first.
Where is the setting or configuration to change that will start the default server and web app?
20 years ago
We are struggling to resolve a database connection pooling issue. We have your book (I highly recommend it ) and looked into p. 405-412 for suggestions. We are connecting but not releasing the connection to the database, and therefore lock it up.
Where can I get additional suggestions or help to resolve this issue connecting a java web app to Informix using the Informix JDBC 2.2 driver?
20 years ago
We are setting up WebSphere with a copy of the .class files generated from VAJ. We had an initial error in the databasepropertiesinterface and databaseproperties classes where they were trying to get find c:\ on the HP Unix server.
We changed the code to just look for, and copied the .class files to the HP box, but it still fails and is looking for the c:\ file. We can see in the .class files that the c:\ is NOT in the code.
What are we missing?
20 years ago
Thanks for the info.
We are developing a time entry solution in VisualAge using DB2 in the WTE, but plan to switch over to the Informix db in production that supports our Payroll system. Just planning ahead and looking for any tips and things to avoid. We have the Informix JDBC installed ready for us.
Hello Bjarki,
Does your book also provide examples for Informix db, or do the Oracle examples easily relate?
Something is not working. We can trace the error thru the function, but it does not return focus to the field in error. It goes on to the next field.
We are calling the function in an HTML onChange event:
onChange="checkTime(StartTime<%=x%> )"

Here's the javascript function:
function checkTime(timeObj)
alert("In Function")
if (fieldlength == 0)
if (fieldlength < 7)
alert("Invalid format! Try this format-- hh:mm AM or hh:mm PM")
return false
return true
I'm sorry, my question amy not have been clear.
How do I set focus on the field I just changed?
We have the tab order set up and it works.
Our problem is: We do the onBlur or onChange, call a function, and in the function find an error. We have an alert, then set focus. When we test, the error is found so the call of the function and the function itself works. But, the focus is not on the changed field. It is on the next field in tab order.
We are creating a time entry screen, so lots of text fields.
We want to edit the value entered, so are trying onBlur or onChange events. If an error is found (text field1), we want to set the focus on the field (text field1) in error. The problem is when we do that, it sets focus on the next text field in line (text field2), not the one in error.
How can we set the focus on the field they tabbed off of?
Hey, this worked for us, where we were trying to put save, submit, and cancel buttons on the page all in one form that contains the data entered by the client.
Well, this seems to be working, although I'm not certain we did it this way.
Javaranch seems to have great information for our problems.
Thanks. You can close this topic.
20 years ago
We were using the session, but now are trying to use the request, because we thought we needed to do that because some of the 'value' methods are depricated so we are moving to the 'attribute' methods.
We believe the browser is using a cached copy, not calling the JSP again.
How should we be doing this?
20 years ago
We are creating a payroll time entry application for the web.
We have the employee logging in, getting time information for the employee and storing it into objects. Then we ask the employee to pick between approving time (managers only) and entering time (all have this choice). We use a forward to send the employee to the time entry screen jsp, and we pass the initial objects on.
When the employee enters time, we update the time vector. When we save the time data, then return to the time entry display, the modified time entry data does not display - it does show back on the screen what we changed in the time vector.
When you pass out an object, how can you update the object, or do you need to delete it and then re-read the data to pick up the changed information from the database?
Is it tied to how we may be keeping track of our session that we are in? How do you get the session ID and then pass it between jsp's?
20 years ago
We are developing a payroll time entry solution. We use JSPs and servlets, and are sending out the page dynamically based on saved data from the database.
We would like to know how to add steps that would do the following. I think we have an idea how you could do it, but are not sure, and I feel we really don't understand how to display some of this without refreshing the entire page.
1. Copy the time entered from the matching field one day earlier to the current day ( copy the start time from yesterday to today ).
2. Copy all of the values entered from the previous day to the current day (copy start, break, end, and regular time values from yesterday's row to today's ).
3. Format the value entered in a field when the employee leaves the field (change 7A to 7:00 AM for them ).
4. Compute the net time after they enter the end time for the day (probably onBlur, but how do you write the function and then update the page.
Any suggestions would help.
20 years ago
We have a form coming in from the employee who entered StartTime.
First, we display from the database if it was previously saved:
if (time.getDStartTime() != null)
{ StartTime = tmShort.format(time.getDStartTime()); }

Then, we paint the time entry form:
<td ><input type="text" name="StartTime" value="<%=StartTime%>"></td>
Then, we used the suggestion to get the value of the time they entered:
<%<br /> long starttime = time.getDStartTime().getTime();
20 years ago