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Recent posts by Jason Mills

I am referring to 2 minutes drill points on finalize() from K & B ..."you can uneligibilize the object for GC from within the finalize() method"

since there is NO guarantee that this method will ever run,

A) why do you want to do this?
B) Let us I want to do this, can you tell me the situation where you want to do this?

I am now refering to second point in "Tricky litle finalize() Gotcha's

A) I quite did not get it, can you please eloborate?

Thanks a lot

"No, you don't need any. This assignment is much simpler than you imagine. All you need is your favorite IDE".

That is what I wanted to know. This simple answer to a simple question would have closed the topic long time back.

any way, thanks for clearing this up.
Thanks BUT unfortunately the FAQ does not answer my question.

Do I need some kind of application server, back end database etc? If yes, are there any free versions I can download on my PC and do the assignment at home?

I asked a VERY SIMPLE question.

1)If I am appearing for SCJP, don't you think I have some kind of IDE? I have JBoss Eclipse for writting simple Java programs.

SCJD programming exercise, requires much more than IDE. That is precisly is my question?
Thanks for replies.

I am quite aware of the SCJP requirement and I am going for the SCJP examination in 2 weeks.

Having said that ....what software and hardware do I require AT HOME to complete the programming assignment.

Perhaps, I should have been more clearer.

What do I need to ( TOMCAT etc.) complete the programming assignment? Do I need to buy/purchase any software etc.

Can you be more specific other than "do at home"?

I have been working in SAP all along. I am trying to get into J2EE since SAP is moving in that direction.

I need following HELP to prepare and pass SCJD

1) I do not have access to Java system at work since we are mostly SAP ABAP shop. ABAP is SAP's development language. Right now, SAP has both ABAP engine and J2EE engine for doing delopment in both ABAP and Java. However, no access is given for Java development because we have no deveopers with Java background.

Having said that, how can I do the practical assignment part of SCJD? Please help !!