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Recent posts by Pham Huy Anh

Thank you for your quick answer!

Greg Charles wrote:Hi Anh,

What do you mean by "migrated"? Do you mean, does Oracle have a record of who passed certification exams given by Sun? I think that's probably true. It makes sense they would make that information available online, but in all the certifications I received, I can't remember them ever mentioning such a service. I just list my certifications in my resume and employers seem to take me at my word. Either that or they don't even care at all! I do have all the documentation in a folder though, so I could prove it if I had to. Interestingly, the only employer that ever asked for them was IBM Viet Nam, but the HR director back then was kind of a lunatic.


Greg, you are right. It is like they don't care about the cert. Anyway, I have found my SCEA folder after 1 hour searching my old room... Lost my SCJP and SCWCD though....

Oh, are you still working in IBM Vietnam? I used to have an interview there but didn't join them... Interesting fact!

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Yes. SCEA is equivalent to OCMJEA. You don't need to do anything.

I think old cert data was moved to pearson vue, but not sure.

If I recall correctly, before Sun doesn't manage our certs, but Promectrics (I ve lost my Promestrics ID though), they keep track of our cert progress.... Do you mean Pearson Vue is now the one which manages the new Oracle cert ? How about the old cert..

Thank you!!
Hi folks,

I almost forgot that I got SCEA in 2007, many thanks to our great forum!!!
I put it in my CV. No employer asked me to show it, that s why I forgot it... Now, I may have to move to another company. THen I realized that Sun was bought by Oracle...
My questions are:
1) is my SCEA, along with SCJP, SCWCD is automatically migrated ?
2) how can I see my certs online. SOrry, I completly forget about how to login to cert repo website...

Please help me, note: I have googled around but...
Thank you, guys.

I get it now. SAX&DOM are standard and JDOM is something like framework. In the future, I would choose the one which fits the problem best.


I am studying XML and Java and I see that both SAX&DOM are now part of standard Java (JAXP). But JDOM is not. At a glance, I notice that the functionalities of Sax, DOM & JDOM are quite the same. So what are the differences between JDOM and JAXP? Should I ignore JDOM?


I am studying Transaction management in EJB. I have read through almost all the stuff life : CMT, BMT , ACID, JTS, JTA, blabla... And after several hours of practice, I am still confusing.

Well, first of all, it is very difficult to find a real demonstration of UserTransaction.rollback(). Even from Sun, they just gave us some pseudo code like :

I try the code myself and it was useless because after rollback, things are not rolled back, for both local and instance variable which are modified after ut.begin().

Secondly, considering this case:

I see this case as nested transaction and I know that container doesn't support it. But my question is: Can the rollback statement rollback the Customer data as if it has never been affected?

Similarly, I don't know what other methods like commit, setRollbackOnly really do to the object instances, variables ..ect..

That's all about my concern. By the way, if anyone know good sample of transaction managment with EJB (the real working code, not bothersome theory ), please tell me.

Hello Anderson Fonseca,

How was your exam? I wish you passed it.

Actually, I am also preparing for the IBM 664 by following the guide from IBM site. We appreciate your updated information.

Good luck

I am doing a study about Java IDE in university. As you know, we have a lot of Java IDE heavy as well as light : such as Eclipse (and many eclipse based), Jbuilder, IntelliJ, JCreator, even Notepad ...

Most people agree that Eclipse is the most popular one, but it's better to have the statistic, XX% java dev use Eclipse, YY% use JCreator...

I tried to search in many days but failed. If you know that, please share with me!

Yeah, I hope so... as many Rancher reported about Part II errors. Now, I feel abit better to ... wait again.

Thanks for your words of consolation and good luck to the other Rancher who is doing and did part II.
Hi everybody,

I have heard many SCEAer talking about delay and trouble about getting result for Part II. Someone event had to wait for 6 months. But does someone have the problem like me.

1. I did part I year ago, and submit part II, III at the beginning of this August. I have to wait 2 months, the I sent an email to Week later, someone answer me about inconsistance in Sun's DB or something, so I have to wait again.

2. 3 months after the day I finished part III, 31 Oct, I go to and get a result like this :
Grade = F, score = -1.

I click on the "details" button and I get a web page with some kind of exception stack trace!!?

So I try the website : It said my part II is pending!?

Something wrong have I done?

A week later I sent an email to ask them about what is going on but no answer.

While waiting for the result I see more than many good news from JavaRanch: I did it, I passed it.... It makes me happy and give me the strength to ...wait again.

Thank you for everything in Java Ranch,
Oh, I just recognize that on the shared server, it's a Java HotSpot Server, not Java HotSpot Client like the one the my PC's windows.

I don't know the diff between Client and Server. Someone please help me.
THank in advance,
14 years ago

Have you resolved your problem? Me too, I have trouble with remote debugging.

My eclipse do get connected to the remote server WL8.1 (on SunOS 5.09) but the app didn't suspend at the break point, I have try with both ant build an war file exported by eclipse. Please see me post

Good luck,
14 years ago

which method do you use to debug? Java Hotspot VM?

Actually, I m trying to remote debug on WL8.1 using this method, see my question see my question. I think we are finding the same solution. ;-)

Your friend,
14 years ago
I don't know exactly but I see the code of my project team(deployed into WL 9), hibernate 3 and Spring.

I think it should be fine. Don't worry
14 years ago
Hi Rancher,

I am using Java HotSpot VM to debug my application remotely on the WL8.1. The method is described here

It just work perfectly for the weblogic server on my friend's PC (windows), but when I try to use it on the weblogic on the shared server (SunOS 5.09), it get connected on the port 8787 but the break point don't have effect (just like no break point existed).

I have try again with another eclipse on another PC, it just connected and it doesn't pause at break point. (my eclipse is myEclipse 6.0, meaning eclipse 3.3)

It suprises me as thing should be better on SunOS than windows.

I'd like to ask for some helps:
1. The administrator tell me that the server "may be" the development (nott production). So if it's a production one, can I remote debug on it.
2. Have someone experienced the samething?
3. I have try the Weblogic plugin for eclipse 2.0, it work very well on local server but it doesn't work for remote server. I think this plugin is not supported by BEA anymore. Do you guy have another way to remote debugging (maybe using another tool than eclipse, another method than Java Hotspot VM)

14 years ago
Hi everybody,

After 4 years, I have the similar problem but... with Weblogic 8.1, weblogic plugin.

I use eclipse to create the Web-project, (no Enterprise project), then I use Weblogic plugin to deploy my web-proj in "exploded" mode. Everything is allright except the web context root: is /MyWebProj\WebContent instead of /MyWebProj. So Error 404--Not Found is diplayed in web browser.

And I cannot modify the web context root in console, and I dont know how to modify it in eclipse.

Please help me,
14 years ago