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After I check website then i already sign in my account but I can�t find my passing score in SCJP and SCWCD. So, how can I see my passing score(not from score report that got from testing center)? All information in website tell me that I just passed the exam and no score including. Is that all I call see?

Best Regards,
15 years ago
Hi everyone , i want to ask question about

How to go to work to USA?
Is it possible for me to go to work at USA for 1-2 years?
What i have to do?
How much salary i will get for approximately?

Because i want to practice my English over there and to utilize my experience in J2EE field. So let me introduce myself for a little.

I am just 22 years old. I am Asian(still leave in Asian). I got Toeic score 715 point.I already get SCJP(90%) and SCWCD(91%). I got experience in J2ee for about 2 years. Work that i have done is about Java(J2EE: Servlet&JSP),Hibernate, JDBC ,SQL (SQL Server and Oracle Server) ,Html ,C ,JavaScript ,ASP

ps. i already got Social Security Number because i used to work at USA for a waiter when i paticipate in Work&Travel program at USA.

Thanks for any suggestion
15 years ago
Congratulation!!! that's really great Score.
to vinod balaji : i have never read that book. i know just HF but you can check comment at Another advise from me is that you have to remember all the picky thing in HF that will made you got a great score.

And about next Certification, i think to stop for a while cause when i have to read a book for the exam that drive me crazy.However, Design pattern is next what i want to study because now in my job i have to Design and coding.

ps: English is my second language so if i type something wrong or miss understood i have to aplogize for you all
reply to Shivani Chandna:
i take the exam that behind the HeadFirst Servlet&Jsp book

reply to Dinu Sundrani:
Ummmm i am read HeadFirst Servlet&Jsp for about 3 times. first for skimming the context, second for understand all of topic and last for get it in my head. all of that in about 1 month cause i am not good in remember anything so i have to read it real fast and take the exam as soon as possible!!. For me the hardest part is Building a Custom Tag Library which i got only 80% because i have never made it in real life.

to Everyone who might take SCWCD:
the exam not hard as you think!!! good luck!!! Hope you all get a great score
[ August 24, 2006: Message edited by: suppavut chatchaisang ]
Thanks for Head first Java that put me through SCJP with 90%. After that for about 2 month, again Thanks for Head first Servlet&JSP that put me through SCWCD with 91% ....... so Cheerzzzzzzzzzzzz