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I am getting an exception: premature end of stream

I can play the test-wav.wav file in winamp.

17 years ago
I personally believe in differentiated pay. A person having a degree from the top tier institutes should be paid more than the person having the same degree from not so good or an average institutes, keeping everything else the same. The higher pay for a person from better institute is the reward for his hard work and serves as an incentive for others.
18 years ago
Government research labs (computer science and IT) like C-DAC, DRDO, ISRO are doing very good work and their work is recognized worldwide. Educational institutes like the IIT's, IISc and IIIT's are also doing very good R&D. IIT's, IISc and IIIT's are among the very few engineering schools in India which are engaged in research apart from teaching. Majority of the engineering schools in India are focussed only on teaching and have no research output.
These are all government establishments (excluding IIIT's) but what about the private companies especially the big ones like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Satyam, HCL. Based on what I know, these companies mostly provide services and have a very small percentage of work on product development. How about applied R&D, market driven research and product based research in these comapnies.
I could find plenty of information on research work in government organizations like C-DAC, engineering schools like IIT's, MNC's like IBM, HP, GE etc but not enough information on private software companies.
Thanks for everyone's feedback.
18 years ago
I am interested in a career in Research. I know that there are many research labs in India opened by companies like IBM, HP, GE and Intel.
But are the Indian companies like TCS, Wipro, Satyam and Infosys doing cutting edge research. TCS has a research lab in pune but I havent seen many publication/product/patents comming out of that lab (I might be wrong but in my area of E-Commerce and Artificial Intelligence I havent seen). How about Infosys, Wipro and Satyam. Do these companies hire people who have PhD in computer science. I read few articles about Infosys SETlabs and that Satyam has started a small research group called as applied research group.
There is a lot of information on the web on IBM, HP, GE research labs but can anyone provide more information on the research work going on in Indian comapanies and what are the job prospects for a person having a PhD in computer science. There are many government research institutions like ISRO, DRDO, CDAC etc but my post is mainly on corporate research labs of Indian companies. Any feedback is appreciated.
18 years ago
I will be interested in moderating the Architect Certification Forum.
Ashish Sureka
19 years ago
IBM is giving away free testing vouchers for some of their certification exams. Has anyone got the free testing voucher.
Free Certification Testing Opportunity - WebSphere and XML
Hi Kartik,
I also added a database schema in my assignment .it is not required but i just included it to explain my design better. i also included some explanation of the design choices that i made. For example which type of entity bean i used and why. I guess you can include any important point that you feel will help the examiner understand your design better.
As far as I remember the question specifies the number of correct answers. if there are 5 choices and 2 of them are the correct ones then the question mentions to select 2 answers. Its been quite a while since i appeared for the SCEA part 1 exam so i would reccommend you to confirm it from a person who has recently appeared for the exam.
Hello Phil,
I came across a article on DB2 Magazine. .
i guess this might be useful to you.
Stereotypes are a way of providing extensibility mechanisms in UML. Stereotypes are basically
an extension mechanism that is used when the UML is not sufficient to capture the relevant semantics of a particular domain.
stereotypes can be applied to model elements to define a new semantic meaning to a model element.
Here are some of the links which discusses stereotypes
Hello Amgad,
The best way to get started is download the exam and start working on it( you have to pay the $250 exam fees before you get the permission to download the exam and there is no time limit to the exam as far as i know) and go through the important posts in javaranch.
i could find answers to most of the basic questions on javaranch like which books to refer, which tools to use, useful links to tutorials and mock exams etc.
good luck,
Hello Leilani,
Thanks for your reply. I will try both the URLs (jdbc:mysql//localhost:3306/test and
jdbc:mysql:@localhost:3306:test ) but i guess i have to first get the weblogic server find the MySQL driver .jar files.
I included the MySQL driver jar files in the weblogic server's classpath by editing the startWLS.cmd file. But is there someother way to include an external library or jar file on weblogic server's classpath.
19 years ago
i am using weblogic 7.0 and MySQL 3.23 and right now my objective is to create, configure and test a JDBC
connection pool using the Administrative console.
Here is what i have done till now
- set the classpath of the MySQL driver in the startWLS.cmd like this
SET MYSQL_DRIVER=C:\mysqldriver\mysql-connector-java-2.0.14\mysql-connector-java-2.0.14-bin.jar
- using the weblogic administrative console i have created a new connection pool named as
- Here is what i have in the testpool general tab
Name: testpool
URL: jdbc:mysql//localhost:3306/test (test is the name of the database in mysql)
Driver Classname:
I have not entered any Properties, ACL Name, Password or Open String Password.
- Now i go the the Testing tab and enter a name of a table in my test database and click on Apply
and on the command window i am getting the following exception
java.sql.SQLException No suitable driver
19 years ago
Congratulations Douglas !!
So what is the next certification that you plan to take. How about you Tom, what's next for you.
I am planning on BEA Weblogic, i guess that would be a reasonable path to take after SCEA. Any opinions .
I appeared for a SCJP 1.4 beta exam but missed the SCJD 1.4 beta as i was not following the SCJD forum. I guess after the SCJP beta and SCJD beta there would be plans for upgrading the SCWCD and SCEA exams. my question is how do we know about these beta exams. is there a way we can pre register ourselves for the beta exams so that whenever the beta testing starts we are notified of it.