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since Aug 29, 2006
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Recent posts by Nagarajan Kanirajan

Thank you all. For Common Arch. and Legacy Connect, I referred "Ramu's Notes" available at scea_j2ee yahoogroups forum. I used HF Design Patterns book to understand the design patterns since it is elaborate with java examples and Cade book to revise the design patterns.
[ February 04, 2007: Message edited by: Nagarajan Kanirajan ]
Hi All,
Today I cleared SCEA1 with 87%.
I'm a silent observer of this forum. Thanks a lot to Javaranch for this wonderful forum, I had gained lot of valuable information about the exam.

Here is a list of books and resources which I referred for the exam

UML Distilled by Martin Fowler(Excellent stuff for UML)
Enterprise Java Beans(2nd Edition) by Richard Monson-Haefel
SCEA study guide by Mark Cade - Good book, but does not cover all the exam objectives
Head First Design Pattern by Elisabeth. Freeman, Kathy. Sierra (Excellent stuff for Design Patterns)

Online Resources
JMS concepts -
First two chapters of the tutorial are enough for exam.

UML - - Good amount of information on Legacy connectivity, Common Architecture, protocols, Applicability of J2EE.

[Val: removed link due to copyright violations].If you try to practice the questions as a whole you may not be benefitted. Make a local copy, split them by objective wise and practice the questions after reading each objective. This will help you to revise your weak areas on the objectives. - Little tough than the real exam.

I prepared for a month , averaging 2hrs a day, read the EJB book by richard monson twice since i did not have any hands-on experience on ejb.Do not go beyond the exam objectives. Have copy of the exam
objectives whenever you study for the exam.I did not use any paid mock tests available in the market.

I felt that the time given for taking the exam(75min) was not enough. Some of the questions were tough to understand, but do not hurry to answer. I did not get any EJB version specific questions.

Thanks again for Javaranch and Best of Luck for all the guys who are going to take the exam.
[ February 02, 2007: Message edited by: Valentin Crettaz ]
Thanks Folks.

For those who are beginning to prepare for SCWCD... I would recommend HFSJ book. Go through the book atleast thrice before taking up the exam. Don't ignore the "Bang" section mentioned across the book, it was really helpful, read them just before you take the exam and FYI.. I did not take the Final Mock Exam given at the end of the book.
For FORM based authentication its the developer's job to create two html files. One for Login form and other for displaying login error message. Hence its not a builtin mechanisms of HTTP.
For Q22, option D is wrong because it is not placed inside a JSP scriptlet tag. Read the says which "JSP code".
Hi Forum,
Just wanted to share my Joy in clearing SCWCD1.4 on 28/08/06 with 88%. Thanks a lot to HFSJ and Javaranch. Those were the things I used for preparing for the exam.

A small tip to guys who are taking the exam : Read the question many times before choosing the answer.

Thanks & Regards