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Recent posts by nabhilash

Ok once jdk1.3 installed means all java2 features is there . Only thing is that make sure all jar files with jdk kit in ur classpath. U have to download froom oracle site and same has to be there in classapath.
Dear Friends

We are using Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release Here and there i found that Advanced JDBC features are supported (like conn pooling /data source usage etc ) only by version onwards. How far this is true.
Hi Friends,
Even I am interested in Taking Developer exam. So from scratch how to start about. Can anyone guide pls
Congrats Holm,
Waht i would be looking for is best DB performance tips with practical examples.Like using usage of Store Procedurs, Oracle Packages etc for web aplications. Does your book address these
Cheers and Regards

Dear Friends
In fact this code discusssion really created curiosity.
pisal rahul advises that u can fetch cursor to java program.
as follows. I would like to know then how to write a procedure
for that. I want fetch 3 feilds from a citymaster table and return to java Program . Can anyone help out. Rahul r u there somewhere near by
Rahul Argues as follows :
do the following
CallableStatement stmt = con.prepareCall
("{? = call procedurename(?)}");
ResultSet rs = (ResultSet)stmt.getObject(1);

Thanks Ambrose,
I use Oracle only.I learnt java code how to call a storeprocedure
.But how to write a store procedure which fetch me 60 records using cursor etc has to be yet tackled.
any idea Pls reply
Dear Friends
I have got a typical problem.
I have got a field in applet where in the customer can enter his Car Registration number like MH-10/GHTRE-4522.ok.
By checking this number at my backend i retrieve the latest details of his car loans to the customer.
Now Conditions/validations is that the customer should not be forced to enter [/ - ,.] etcs in the applet field.
He may enter directly MH10GHTRE4522 WITHOUT ANY [/.!] etc's.
Now I removed these [/!--] from my applet field before sending data to my servlet using StringTokenizer function.
But now problems arise how to check these values at backend!! In oracle is there any wya to remove all these / -' etcs ..
Can anyone help me
Solution urgently needed Thanks in advance
Dear Friends ,
I have got a table called city_master from which ia want to select its city_name,city_code,state_name to my JSP program.
There are total of 60 records in my city_master table. I want fetch all the 60 records.
Can Anyone help me how to write a suitable store procedure code
and java code for the same
Thanks in advance
Abhi here