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Recent posts by Andy Malakov

Originally posted by Jibu Thomas:
Congratulations. Good achievement.What type of relationship you showed in Component Diagram? Only dependency?or association, generalization, realization etc as in class diagram?


Component diagram showed only dependency. Showing other relationships would have resulted in much more detailed diagram.

Originally posted by Andy Fisher:
What about the component diagram, did you indicate your Service Locators, etc. there?

...or did you just state in your assumptions that you were going to be using them?

Yes. That was the only place I showed them. But again, in contrast to Cade book, I showed all JSP pages as one component - "JSPs".

Originally posted by Scott Guo:
Do you think we should apply the sequence diagrams for both class level and component level?

To make my sequence diagrams readable, I made them simple and small. I limited their width to fit an average computer screen and used SD-frames a few times. Most of participants were components. The largest sequence diagram had 8 participants.
I was using StarUML to for my assignment and found that this program supports 2.0 only partially. I had to use 1.4 notation for my class and component diagrams.
Same here.

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Originally posted by ManojKumar Unnikrishnan:
So dont you have to show the implementation of the patterns in the class diagrams ??

Correct. Class diagram may only show data model classes. My point is that sequence diagrams may also omit ServiceLocator or BusinessDelegate.
Thanks everybody.

My biggest problem was figuring out level of details. At some point I even had to change my design and make payment processing synchronous to avoid extensive documentation :-)

For example, I only mentioned that all appropriate components should use well-known ServiceLocator/BusinessDelegate patterns and omitted all this stuff from diagrams.
Hello All,

Got my score today (after almost 6 weeks of waiting)

Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 41
Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 42 Sequence/CollAboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 12

All these "Passed scea" topics helped my motivation :-)

Thanks everybody.

Best Regards,
Thanks everybody.

Asynchronous payments may produce interesting situation when Itinerary is partially paid. For example, after "Change Itinerary" usecase updated segment may require additional payment that fails to complete due to something like credit card cancellation.
I thought about similar approach. Client side state can be kept to a minimum: just primary keys of things like airports, flights, seats, etc referenced in current itinerary. Whole structure can be serialized into few hundred bytes (well within 4K cookie limit).

Regarding security, whole interaction can go over HTTPS. Payment submission form must use some kind indirect way of credit card identification anyway.

Also, whole session-containing cookie/hidden field can be encrypted/signed.

Now think about web-tier state. Hacker can intercept somebody's JSESSION_ID and book some flights. Unless... :-)

From what I can interpret, the assignment does not imply that payment transaction happens synchronously. Strictly speaking, all we know is that e-mail is sent after payment is authorized.

I've seen many large web sites performing credit card authorization later on, [after order submission].

Also, TransMaster call may take up to ? seconds (not counting time to transmit request and re-establish HTTPS connection, if dropped).

Any thoughts?
I have both. After reading this forum I can see that most posts refer to Cade et al.
We can theoretically assume that Transmaster supports WS-Transaction, but it seems that Perl-based Frequent Flyer system does not offer any transactional API.

JCA Adapters for both?
IMHO if Flight is defined as a flight of specific aircraft on a specific date it will carry many passengers and hence will be referenced by multiple Itineraries(Segments).
[ October 26, 2006: Message edited by: Andy Malakov ]