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Recent posts by Shailesh Kumar

What is the logic for implementing trial version? Are you maintaining the time or some other information in the record store and using this to implement you trial version?
If so the record stores will be deleted if the user uninstalls the application.
So the user might be able to use it multiple times without registering?

Please let us know the details about your trial feature implementation.

Alternatively, you could the server side logic to get information whenever the user installs/starts the application and not allow him to start the application after the certain period.

Just make your trial version have only a limited feature set.

14 years ago
Is it really necessary to be done after the installation or Could you execute that code when the midlet runs for the first time? I think the latter can be done by keeping track using the record store. Like you could create a recordstore the first time the midlet runs and next time the recordstore is already present you dont execute that code.
14 years ago
have mostly used Netbeans. Perhaps eclipseME for a couple of small try out applications

Netbeans is very sophisticated.

and Netbeans is opensource. You can try out eclipseME also
[ December 25, 2008: Message edited by: shailesh41 ]
14 years ago

Is serialization/deserialization possible on the mobile client ?
14 years ago
Could anybody please elaborate on what are the advantages or application scenarios of having more than one midlet in a midlet suite?

14 years ago
final class variable
->can be initialized in the same line
->or in instance initializer
-> or in the constructor
Hi All
I took the test today morning and cleared with 83 % . I was just hoping to clear the exam as I didnt do that well on master exams but was very happy with the score.

Thanks Kathy and Bert for the great book.

Thanks all for the posts. Truly Great site.

16 years ago
Hi All
I had few doubts
How to go about answering SCJP questions?
Should I mark all questions for review or only questions other than drag and drops?
Supoz I dont mark any questions for review will I still be able to have a second look at the questions?
Does the software allow you to answer drag and drops or any unanswered questions at the end?

Thanks in advance
Hi Can anybody explain about the output?

Hi All,

I find myself weak in API contents objectives.

Any suggestions how to improve in this area?

Thanks in advance.

now it's my turn to tease you.
why does the following code NOT give null pointer exception if what I said above is correct?
boolean b = new Boolean(null);

Because of the overloaded constructor
Boolean(String s)
which results in false if the string is not equal to "true".
System.out.println("B1 == B2 : " + (B1 == B2));//references are being compared ,B1 and B2 dont refer to same has to be false.
System.out.println("B1 == b : " + (B1 == b));//equal to B1.booleanValue()==b
System.out.println("B2 == b : " + (B2 == b));//equal to B1.booleanValue()==b

Refer JLS 5.1.8
Since pre-increment has higher priority the following

int j = ++i + i + i++ + i + i++;

int j = ++i + i + i + ++i + i++; (easier to understand if we see like this)
7 = 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 2
You could invoke the sizzle method like this, but not much of use though.
Are you sure if it wasn't like this?

InnerRun ir = new InnerRun();
Thread t = new Thread(ir);//ir is passed here in the constructor

May be a printing mistake.