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Recent posts by hani Ibrahim

Congratss .
please tell me what is the tool of uml used?
how many classes you have?
i have 3 weeks to upload the assignment but feel disappointed since i dont know how to make component and deployment diagram.
please help
Thanks Jeanne .
but if i use oracle products in deployment diagram .i have noticed some features will solve many problems that i was thinking to write classes to solve them programmitcally.i feel guilty in both programming i will put a lot of classes.and in case of using some kind of servers will solve a lot of problems and risks .please advise.
Is it coreect to include name of vendor servers like websphere app server 6.0 and other components fro ibm that solve a lot of issues that i face in my assignment and i believe if i used these vendors applications prevent me to reinvent the wheel or face real problems if this assignment is real case.
please clarify to me this issue and what the deployment diagram also should have?
THANKS Nimit and Jeanne.
i understand the 2 points that were missing in my mind.
when i have other question,i will put them in new topic .so others can take benifit from the title of the post.
Thanks a lot Jeanne.but why this exam doesnt have templates to fill and clear road will till me because in real life you should search and find what you need.but this will distracted us .and this is not appreciated when marking the exam.i hope like these abcs questions about tools or a full success story to be highlighted to us.
Would you help me what the practical steps to create jar file.
if i have 4 pictures of diagrams. what is next ?how to convert them to html format with index in FREE and easy tool also what the best free tool for uml i use both staruml and visual paradigm community edition but unfortunately both have drawbacks which they don't make you to prefer one of them on other.
thanks a lot what about other questions please help
Hi all..
i have several questions:
1) guide me with tool for uml.i feel staruml is not perfect tool.if there is any good tool that support java very well tell me.
2)is it required to use j5ee technologies and show them.if i use j2ee only technologies is itwrong?
3)how can i export my project in staruml to html .i dont find this option.
tell me please:
A)the best uml tool for this kind of assigment.i tried staruml but i dont feel it is good enough :
1)the interface in class diagram appears as a circle !
2)the generated code make misleading classes contents.which makes me feel frustrated and willing not to continue my work.

B):im list now .can i split the class diagram to many views.since there are many the way what is the average classes number should be in each otherwords what is the minimum classes number that if anyone make class diagram will know he is not "catch the point"
c).if i make class diagram free from java specifications.only patterns is it ok?or i should show "jee skills"
D)if i use uml version lower than 2.0 is it wrong?
F)i hope that there is a good samples online that is similar to assignment rather than Mr. cade book for learning more.
after i read the assignment i feel lost .would you give me the steps to start from.i want really to be professional architect and i think the goals of this assignment to make best practices and standard steps in every new would anyone give me these steps and guidelines please.
if you use richfaces 3.3 yes the problem is still exist.
see this link from rich faces website:
9 years ago
but last question:i i passed part 2 and part 3,will they send to me emial that i passed but will not send to me the certification.or will not send neither the certification nor the email?
I dont know what i should feel happy to pass part1 or sad that i cant continue the track as i read in the site of oracle.
but i find in the steps for being full certfied that theorder of training before step it that true that i can continue and take the assignment then the essay or waiting until i can take the training (financially reason )
please advise me
the date today is 2nd of September.what about taking part 1 tomorrow,upload an assignment in 25 September and finally take the essay in 29 of September is it ok with oracle or i exceed the deadline please advice.
Hi all,
buisness object is an object design pattern can be Intersect with other patterns so we dont make the implementation of it as a POJO it will be Composite Entity Business Object Strategy .
other question is buisness object could be Transfer object?
im confused please help