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Recent posts by Deepak Mahbubani

Originally posted by Jeroen Wenting:
why is it that every discussion about GMail degrades into a deluge of people asking "invite me pls.", "me too", "me too", "me too", "me 2"?

It's slow to start here...

Whats wrong with that ?

Can you suggest a faster way ?
19 years ago
For my friends in US, they could think of working less for less pay. But if you were in Japan like me, working more is not out of choice, its out of compulsion.
For a Japanese, work is worship, work is in their culture. Unless and until you finish your work, you can't leave office.
Pay is secondary.
19 years ago
Well, I feel, sometimes you just don't end up getting close to anyone after a certain age because you choose to remain with your old friends. Its all a matter of making choices.
Also, after a certain age we form fixed notions about certain issues and find it difficult to change our opinion or consider other persons opinion, hence we feel we can't get close to anyone.

There have been instances where I've met old school friends after a long time and I just didn't get along with them primarily because we have grown apart.
19 years ago
Peanuts for me. Too much for you kanjoos malbari.
19 years ago
I'd rather buy 1 cake for each of the boys and let everyone be happy. I have the money, so I don't waste my time and energy for such futile things. I have other important things to do (like make more money).
19 years ago
You mean in Turkey there are no gays ?
19 years ago
How does a new user open an account with GMail ?
19 years ago
There is a classroom of some small children (5-7 yrs). Obviously there
was one ordinary boy (Ramu) and a smart one (shyam).The trilogue between
the two and the teacher goes something like this.

Ramu: "Teacher, teacher! Is bus pul-ling(male) or stree-ling(female)?
Teacher: thinking...
Shyamu: "Teacher, teacher! It is stree-ling (female)"

Teacher and Ramu: "Kyon?"
Shyamu: "Kyon ki sab log uspe chadte hain."
Teacher is pareshan.

While Ramu gets a doubt.
Ramu: "Agar bus stree-ling hai aur sab uspe chadte hai tho uske bacche
kyon nahin hote?"
Teacher is more pareshan.

Shyamu: "Kyon ki sab peeche se chadte hain."
Teacher is now hiding her face.
Ramu gets another doubt.

Ramu: "Maana sabhi peeche se chadte hain, but driver aur conductor tho
aage se chadte hain. Phir bachche kyon nahin hote?"
Teacher thinks it is getting too much to handle.

Shyam replies: "Kyon ki woh donon topi pehanke chadte hain."
Teacher faints.
19 years ago
But that makes sense sheriff !
19 years ago
22 fools and 1 billion foolish
[ July 21, 2004: Message edited by: Deepak Mahbubani ]
19 years ago

Originally posted by <varun>:
Shammi Kapoor

20 years ago
Does anybody have a clue on printing on both sides of a page in XSL-FO ?