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vanlalhmangaiha khiangte

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Recent posts by vanlalhmangaiha khiangte

I am following this
I have created a simple login form in Netbeans , after i have finished designing this , i put LoginForm.form and under my src/main.
From command line , I run the following command griffon generate-view-script LoginForm LoginFormView
This generate LoginFormView.groovy as below

After creating the above , on the command line i run griffon run-app But I get the following error

Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong here ?

8 years ago
Hi ,

I feel that implementing this will be quite a task , if there is an existing server/software i would gladly go for that..Implementation is the last stage..
It does not have to be in java. If it's in other language there is no problem

9 years ago
Hi Shankar,

If you are using maven then you can developed your own plugin from this link
I had done one plugin development in Netbeans, you can customize it a lot.. But not sure about your ide..
Maybe you can integrate your IDE with Maven ???

Hi Manish,
You can try out the following

  • Oracle JDeveloper
    MyEclipse Visual Web Designer
    ObjectAssembler 2.5 Pro by ObjectVentur
    Struts Console 3.0 by James Holmes.
    JForms: a visual tool for Struts-based Web forms.
    Scioworks Camino by Scioworks Pte Ltd.
    Struts Builder by RiverNorth
    Struts GUI by Alien-Factory
    Struts Studio by Exadel Inc.

  • In my opinion , if you had used Eclipse or Netbeans, the plugins that are available there are quite enough. You can also search for plugins there..

    Plus people here are not working full time on this site, so please have patience when you ask questions...

    9 years ago
    Hi all,
    In the institute that I am working , we are planning to change our lab systems in the following manner:
    1. We will set up a server for each lab (in each lab roughly 30 systems) We still don't know what to use
    2. After the windows/linux boot up ,before the students do any work, a popup will come on the screen and they will have to enter their roll no and password. They should not minimized this part
    3. All the things that the students do (like accessing pen drive, dvd roms, web , which files they access) will be logged
    4. The logged file will be analysed and if any abnormal words/ files are accessed (like Warcraft,CS etc) this will be sent back to the server
    5. The server then will generate a report and the system administrator can then check the report.

    This is for purely security purpose and to protect our lab systems from unwanted viruses downloaded by the students..

    Any ideas/suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

    9 years ago
    Hi all,

    Image link to the GUI Requirement

    1. The image map should be loaded from a database
    2. On entering values in search box , it should query the database and zoom to that coordinate,and fill up the results on the left hand side
    3. On querying the status, the total villages belonging to this status should be displayed on the map
    4. On clicking the coordinates of the villages on the map ,the left result should be displayed.
    5. We should be able to update the status , name ,coordinates of the village selected.
    6. We should also be able to add new village.
    7. This should be a desktop-application (if possible)

    I have the design in mind but do not know what software , framework to use? I have been searching for the right solution but could not get what i desire.
    Any ideas/suggestion is welcome, i have spent lots of sleepless night but still don't know how to proceed

    P.S. - I have posted the exact question in stackoverflow.

    Hi all,

    I have a static image of a state/districts map in which the following should be done.
    1) On initial display, the full map should be shown.
    2) Add or remove towns/villages/cities , this color should be black (name can be edited).
    3) Lines representing power grids to be drawn from different towns/villages/cities . color can be either black or red.
    4) On pointing the cursor to the towns/villages/cities some information like population,district etc. should be displayed.
    5) On changing the status of the town/villages/cities to complete,the color should be changed from black to red.
    6) Searching function for the name of towns/villages/cities which should automatically zoom to that position of the specific towns/villages/cities.
    7) This should be a desktop based application.

    I would be very happy if anyone can point in the right direction for what framework or api to use.

    I am currently reading the tutorial HTML Doctype

    HTML 4.01 Strict
    This DTD contains all HTML elements and attributes, but does NOT INCLUDE presentational or deprecated elements (like font and center). Framesets are not allowed:

    I am trying to use Strict doctype as below but the frameset is still showing.

    Can you please guide me how to use each doctype properly with an example

    Hi ,
    I want something that is core java only.. I don't want to use other tools ..
    I need to get details like the MotherBoard type, DVD type etc.. hardware details ..
    Is there some library/code that is available to do this..

    10 years ago
    Hi all,
    I am writing a code to get the hardware details of my computer like Processor Type, Ram, Hard disk type, etc ..

    I am not able to get the hardware details , is there any way to get these details without using some extra tools/softwares.
    What class/library i am suppose to use to get these values?

    10 years ago
    Hi all,
    After struggling hard for few days , trying to change the datetimepicker class to fetch the default classes which by the way
    was working stand alone but could not work with this page.
    Tried changing the display tags class which was causing a whole lot of other problems ..
    Also tried different javascript calendars and dhtml calendars .. but could not get the right format I want ..and lots of rendering problem was there ..

    I finally found Jcalendar which is open-source .. This is really really good calendar
    Integrated this into my struts application and it worked like a charm ... and it supports many other themes and styles also ...


    11 years ago
    Hi all,
    Am using struts dojo and display tags

    In my create page, i use without any problem it is displaying well.
    But in my query page , where i combine the dojo and displaytags, the calendar is not displaying properly .. functionality is still working properly.

    Calendar Problem Image

    Please help me solve this issue .

    11 years ago
    Hi all,
    I am using struts2+ hibernate
    1) I have one table which have approximately 40 - 50 columns (basically a questionaire)
    2) I have a query page in which i want to do the following
    a) There will be two lists ... 1 for the main search criteria ( the column names) and 1 for the unique values for each list
    Eg List 1 --> Fruits,Vegetables,Cars List2 --> Apple,Banana,Orange (for Fruits) or List2 --> Cabbage,Beans(for Vegetable)
    List2 depends on the selected value of the List1
    b) Since the number of columns is much , it is not possible to display each and every criteria in the search page. (I am using hibernate criterion search to minimise the results)
    c) So i want to dynamically create the search condition based on a button "ADD MORE SEARCH"
    Eg Search1 : Fruits Value: Apple ==> If user clicks on "ADD MORE SEARCH"
    Search2 : Taken before meal Value: Yes

    Eg Search1 : Cars Value: Family ==> If user clicks on "ADD MORE SEARCH"
    Search2 : Type Value: BMW ==> If user clicks on "ADD MORE SEARCH"
    Search3 : Insurance Value: Yes

    My question is as follows :
    1. What will be the best approach to implement the "ADD MORE SEARCH" facilities .. any tutorial guide/links will be greatly appreciated <this is where i am stuck>
    2. I am planning to store the Column Name with the Value in a map , and iterate those map in the hibernate criterion search .. Is this the best approach ??
    3. Any report generation tool in java which can do the above .. any tutorial guide/links will be greatly appreciated

    Every kind of help/suggestions is greatly needed ..

    Thanks in advance,

    11 years ago