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Recent posts by bhupesh ravish

Try "Enterprise javaBeans 3.0" by OReilly Publications.
I found it the BEST.

Try removing this line. I feel it should not be there n may be it is creating the problem.
Hi guys
I also faced the same situation, But I was using the stub created while compiling the WSDL file to call the web service.
In that case we can set the time out as under :


stub is the instance of my stub class.

You can give this you respective time in this. ;)
14 years ago
There could be many reason viz : may be you are not giving the right name, see in the server console whether that queue is actually bound or not, and if bound, what is the exact name.


try writing this statement in your queue-service.xml file where you defined the queue.
14 years ago
Hey guys I cleared SCBCD.
I went through Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 by OReilly and EJB 3.0 Specification.
15 years ago
Hi guys I am planning to give SCBCD 5 next week. I am fully prepared. There are illegal stuff on the net. Now I wana ask wether they are helpful in any way or should I avoid them.
Many people have cleared the SCBCD exam, first of all congrats to them, secondly, can anyone of you tell me, Does SCBCD exam for EJB 3.0 includes questions from EJB 2.1 also because while going through the EJB 3 reference guide by sun microsystems, they have explained both EJB 2.1 and EJB 3.0
So I was wandering what to do. Should I read both or EJB 3 only.
hey buddy
go to the directory jboss-as/docs/examples/jca/ copy the mssql-ds.xml file into the deploy folder and make nessary changes like connection url, user name & password. Now within your application just lookup the datasource name which you have specified in the mssql-ds.xml file and write your code.
Hello EveyOne
I have cleared the SCJP5.0 exam with 94%. Now I want to go for SCBCD. Can anyone help me in making a decision to go for which version 1.4 or 5.0 . One of my friends told me that 1.4 version will not be available after april. What should I do
16 years ago
hey you are supposed to give the the type of destination in your ejb-jar.xml file and actual name in the application server specific file. i:e: jboss.xml or any which you are using
Hey I am also facing the same problem.
So I tried to put the hibernate code out side of aar file.
So I made a session bean. n now trying to call it from the aar.
but still it is giving some problems of class loading.
if someone else find the solution please post it

16 years ago