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Recent posts by prateek urmaliya

it's neither meaningless nor drivel found it on hn homepage today,thought ranchers may like it!
13 years ago

I am planning to buy my first digicam and am confused with the choices.
I see Bert suggesting canon g9 as a good choice.
I am looking for something under 200 GBP,that works well both indoor and outdoor and have good picture quality in dim light as well.
As this is my first camera ease of use is very much essential.
Please suggest.

15 years ago
found this
Ranchers could you suggest something on the lines of
if you use F3 in Eclipse use ctrl+b in Idea kind of stuff ?
Hi All,

I am leaving EclipseVille and going to IdeaLand
I wanted to know what are fine resources that I should read to develop with pleasure.
is there any web reading that shows mapping between common eclipse shortcut and their Idea counterpart?

Hello Brethren,

I am writing sample RCP application that will connect to DB and show some very basic reports let's call it FeedEx .
I am trying to connect to the DB I need the driver jar for this and I followed thisCreate a plug-in project for your jar and created a plugin db2jcc.
here is my for FeedEx

and I am able to do auto completion and importing db2jcc class files in FeedEx plugin code,
but when I try to launch FeedEx it's giving me.

Am I missing something here ?
is there any other way of introducing third party dependency in RCP?

can you post your jnlp file ?
15 years ago
Hi All,





With id_c and id_a as composite primary key for TABLE_C

What should be the best way to map these?
It�s not normal but I can't change the schema.

I am trying something like this for now [@Table(name = "TABLE_A")] [@Table(name = "TABLE_B")] [@Table(name = "TABLE_C")] [@Embeddable]

It works but it's wrong and may break in certain cases.
Ideally nullable should be false in both the cases in A's mapping,
But when I try this I get Repeated column in mapping

Please help
it's workin

I tried

final Criteria crit = session.createCriteria(TableComposite.class)
.add(Restrictions.eq("id.A", 123))
.add(Restrictions.eq("id.B", 456));

I was missing that though my field was a the getter was getA
Also I don't need alias as I am not joining anything
Thanks to my colleague DT
I tried something like

but I am getting

could not resolve property: a of: TableComposite

am I missing something here ?
Hi All,

I have a composite key with three columns (a,b,c) that I need to map,
I created a @Embeddable PK class

and provided it as @EmbeddedId in the mapping class

I've tried few things but they are not working

(I also tried setting value of C but it didn't help)

Now I want something like SELECT * FROM TABLE_COMPOSITE WHERE A = ? AND B = ? using Criteria API

Please help.
Spanglish I've watched it that's all I've to say about it
Ten Items or Less was so boring that I could not finish it .
16 years ago

I checked Its Marathi is horrible!!

though my knowledge of marathi is not even elementary but has good Devanāgarī.

I would go with the suggestions to use blog services like WordPress

16 years ago
Thanks all

will they bake a file into a cake for delivery to a prison?

contact Ma Beagle
16 years ago

I doubt it will make it all the way to the U.S. and still look like the cake you sent .

Yes ,
I wanted to know which bakery I can call to (If you can recommend any in jersy area) and what are payment options ?
16 years ago