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Recent posts by jeremias lacanienta

Sorry to spoil the party but there's a new type of exam coming out for SCJP. The multiple type question exam will thereafter be systematically phased out after this exam gets released. The future SCJP exam will be a programming type exam as mentioned by Sun. You can find the details in previous posts in this forum.
MZ's notes and the Sun Blueprints are worth looking at. I'm sure it will help you a lot in case you haven't got the opportunity to use the the technologies concerned.
The new SCEA is very different from the old one. You'll be better off with the JavaEE blueprint.
honestly, some company would not give a damn if you have one. fortunately there are others who think it's important. you're doing this for those who believe. at least you have an advantage on companies who believe certification is worth something.
all things being equal you'll definitely have the advantage over others who do not have certificate. unfortunately experience will most always have weight and value over certificates. if the 2 years you mentioned is development experience, it would not be easy (though i'm not counting the possibility out) for you to get another job as a technical architect just because you have scea.
there are some companies which do not put any value to any certifications at all. you're doing this to improve your chances on others who value certification. at least you have half of the market on your favor.
read the javaee blueprint more than any other document. mz has an excellent reviewer you can check it out i doubt if there are any other useful whitepaper out there since this is a new certification.
i'm likewise evaluating this one but i think it has the same level of credential with that of pmi.

Edward Chen wrote:
I am working on SCEA, my first step is to learn SUN tutorial, "The Java EE 5Tutorial", but I can't find its example.

Where can I find it ? if I have to buy the book, which is the ISBN and its title ?


you'll be better off with the blueprint. most of the questions deals with architecture. i never saw a single line of code on the exam.

Gökhan Sakalli wrote:Hi guys. I am gonna take SCJP exam in 15 days. I am thinking to take SCWCD after i get SCJP. Will they help me in my business life? Is is worth to get them? What are your opinions about the exam? Please enlighten me...

the industry is divided into 2 groups regarding certification. one who believes and the other who don't. taking certifications will boost your chances of getting hired if you apply on a company that believes in certification. at least you'll make yourself marketable with the half who believes but it's not a guarantee.

Originally posted by Christophe Verre:
Unnikrishnan Nair says that he has no experience on Netbeans. What I mean is that if somebody who has never used Netbeans can pass, what value would such a certification have ?

the value of all certifications (not only netbeans) have been discussed countless times without arriving at a definite conclusion because it's pretty much subjective. as demonstrated by yours and Tridib's posts. i suggest cutting these kinds of discussions from here and let others talk about the beta, early taker's experiences, etc.
if you're talking about the possible beta (which i'm likewise waiting for), the only reading material available are white papers, specs, and tutorials from sun website.
i did the beta also and i got my score on the email that notified me that i passed. if you're into managerial position you can perhaps consider pmp.
something to look forward to. i just hope the survey conducted by evelyn last month is related to the new beta. just like most beta before. it's almost always preceded by a survey.