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Recent posts by n kallamvalli

I am new to EJB 3.0.I have one db2 database and 3 as400 databases. when I create a new record in one of the db2 table(db2 database),I have to create the same record in 3 as400 table(3 seperate as400 databases).This has to happen in one transaction.whenever something any of the insert fails I need to rollback everything. I use ejb 3.0 session bean(business layer) and JPA(OR mapping).

I created 4 ejb projects.I created 4 seperate persistence units for each databases.I am planning to call my main method from from first EJB project Session bean and within that I planning to use 4 methods to insert into didfferent databses.

main mehtod

insert mthod1 ===> to insert DB2 table
insert method2 ===> call remotely EjbProject2 session bean method to insert to As400 database1
insert method3 ===> call remotely EjbProject3 session bean method to insert to As400 database3
insert method4 ===> call remotely EjbProject4 session bean method to insert to As400 database4 }
all these should be part of one transation.

I do not know whether it is going to work or not? any body has any idea? Anybody has example that deals with multiple databases or how distributed transaction work with multiple databsaes in EJB 3.0?

Please help
Many thanks
Some of the java utilities like Calendar class is still not available in GWT.When it will be available ?

Many Thanks
Hi Cameron,
Thank you very much for your reply.I really appreciate it.I visited your site and it is wonderful.

Many many thanks

God bless you
14 years ago
Hi All,
I am a developer.I am new to JSP and Servlet.I have to get a quick understanding of these technologies(becuase of a new project requirement). Please suggest the best
1.books/web site that I can read and understand
2. Any online course ( worth paying)
3. Any good tutorials.

4. any good forum?

Many Thanks
14 years ago
I am newbie in JAVA web development, very experienced in Legacy.I have a good knowledge of Java application side.I know JSP,HTML.... Is this book worth trying at this stage?
15 years ago