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Recent posts by giuseppe fanuzzi

thank you very much Frist!
So I remeber well

Just a last question. In your opinion is always mandatory to have an Oracle training in order to obtain this upgrade?

Thanks again

Hi guys,
I can't find anywhere the question to my answer, so I'm here.
I'm already certified but I have the previous version (JEE 5 Architect). I remember that it should be possible just to have the first part of this JEE 6 Architect to upgrade my old one.
Do I remember well? Or in the meantime things changed?

Thanks in advance!

Hi shivaram,
i think that also ch. 20 (SAX2) and ch. 21 (DOM2) could be useful.
Hi Mikalai,
the links in your signature are not accessible. Could you provide some other links?

Thank you!
Thank you guys!
12 years ago

Krzysztof Grajek wrote:Congratulations! I cannot agree more with the last sentence as I'm still waiting for my results

i've learned that if you get the email from ITS Support ( that starts with "Good news!" you have passed!
12 years ago
And finally happen ...

(Factory) Homes sweet (Factory) Homes

Thanks to all, thanks to everyone has posted in this forum, and thanks to everyone has replied!

I uploaded my assignment in the far 19-JUL-11 and take the essay exam two days after.

After the congratulations email, Oracle Certview has already updated my certification status and the oracle master icons (the old ones was more nice)

I hope all people that are waiting for results will have positive answers.


12 years ago
Hi Davide,
i've the same your situation:

22-JUL-11 1Z0-866 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Essay Exam TAKEN

19-JUL-11 1Z0-848 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Assignment(T1) PASS

fingers crossed...

there was an icon swatch on the upper right, but if i clicked or double clicked it nothing happened!
thank you rahul! i hope i finished!

hi folks,
today i've given part 3 essay exam. It was less difficult i thinked. Really, if you did your assignment you can answer to all question.
I confirm that there was not timer (or if there was one it was hidden), so bring your!
This post is an evergreen:

Good luck to all!
wow! so, if i fail a diagram and short answer i've to repeat both exams?!
hi Jeanne,
your reply is comforting. My alarm was the existing of a requirement which specify to write at least a minimum of 100 word.
I'm practising to answer to possibile questions but, having a limited vocabulary, my answers are not over 80 words!

Thank you again

Right Rahul!
To know english seems a "requirement" to get certified! Other certifications too have not other languages over english. Except for Japanese!