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I resolved it already, but thanks...

It wasn't quite the same error you were getting, but the 2 stack traces have the following line in common:

We had migrated from a WAS installation on a Linux box to a AIX (UNIX) machine. When our EJBs attempted to connect to Oracle 10g using the data source setup, we would get a stack trace as follows:

It turns out the Oracle driver (we were using ojdbc14.jar i.e. version 1.4 of the jar) wasn't compatible with the AIX/WAS7 installation. Once we upgraded the driver (to version 6 - ojdbc6_g.jar), the problem went away.

More symptoms were:
  • Doing a 'test' connection from the admin console does not throw an error
  • If the JDBC provider is set to Non XA, then the problem goes away

  • I hope this helps someone else
    10 years ago
    Hi svm muni,
    Did you find a solution to the above? I'm getting a similar problem.

    10 years ago
    Incase, the title didn't give it away, here is my scenario:

    I have a main html window that pops up a dialog box using the showModelessDialog method. This method is only available in IEs javascript implementation. That's OK because the business all use IE.

    the popped up dialog box contains an applet. Method calls happen as follows. user clicks on button -> javscript method is invoked -> javascript method calls applet method -> applet method churns (processes) -> applet method calls javascript method (to update certain fields) -> applet method exits -> user is happy.

    However, the last applet call into the javascript fails in IE. is this a bug? When I use instead of window.showModelessDialog, then the bug is not apparent.

    Any Ideas?

    Here is a test setup that will reproduce the problem:

    main window:

    popup window

    Applet. (you will need to have netscape's plugin.jar in your classpath in order to run - this should be available in your java jre's lib folder)

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    [ September 28, 2007: Message edited by: Ulf Dittmer ]
    14 years ago