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Recent posts by Salil Dhawan

I think starting with few starter pdfs on web services and then with RMH will be good idea.
I am also in same league as you.But got to start from somewhere.
So RMH will be good idea i think.

Head First is very nice book to have since its very reader friendly.
I am looking to prepare for SCBCD certification.
I am not that much comfortable with EJB in action.
Can anyone help me in it.
I have seen SCBCD link at javaranch but still think i need one base book for preparation(similar to Head First for SCWCD).

[ June 11, 2008: Message edited by: Salil Dhawan ]
Its a Mock Exam question:
Which three occur during JSP page translation ( Choose 3)

1.jspinit Method is called
2.JSP page implementation class is created
3.JSP page implementation class is compiled
4.JSP page is validated for syntactic correctness
5.The associated tag files are validated for syntactic correctness

I went through specs but though i feel answer is B,D,E but cant understand whether associated tag files are also validated for syntactic correctness?
Can anyone help me with it?
Problem is that i know that url-pattern comes before servlet name but i guess way option is structured is confusing.I am not sure if its referring only to servlet only ( and not url patterns at all).

Such structuring of questions sometimes make you do mistake even when you know the concept
Is this statement correct?

Filter associated with named servlet are invoked in order defined in DD?
I have done that.Thanks a lot for the information
I want to know whether JSP implementation class is also compiled during JSP page translation?Also whether associated tag files are validated for syntactic correctness during JSP page translation?
[ June 05, 2008: Message edited by: Salil Dhawan ]
Hello i am bit confused about order in which these 4 steps happen before a web application start servicing client requests

1. Instantiate filters defined in we application DD

2.Instantiate listeners defined in application DD

3.Initialize Servlet to load on startup in web application DD

4.The contextInitialized method is called on listener implementing Servlet ContextListener which has been initialized.

Can anyone comment on correct order and reasoning behind it?
[ June 05, 2008: Message edited by: Salil Dhawan ]
On broader level isUserInRole() is related to authorization or authentication?I think it is authorization as it returns boolean depending whether user is in specified role or not.But in specifications its written that even if user is not authenticated it will return false ( which is logical).

So is this concept related to authentication or authorization?
Ya i think answer is Transfer Object.Definitely not Service Locator
Also can we put Expression Language in each of case?
In the 6 patterns stated in exam in which of two case interaction is remote?
(like one we have in case of bean and Transfer Object)
In which other case it is there?

I hope problem is solved with SCWCD 5 coming and SCWCD 1.4 no longer there.SUN must have changed questions and hopefully we will have new fresh bunch of questions in SCWCD 5.0 and not anything like cheat sheets.