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since Sep 21, 2006
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Recent posts by Alejandro Casarrubias

I cant change a final var, but... why this code compiles?

It prints: xyz, so... you cant change the reference of the variable, but you can change the value if you dont touch the reference?

arr = {"a","b","c"} ------ > String[] Line #1

arr = {"x","b","c"} ------ > String[] Line #2 // same reference of String[]

arr = {"x","y","c"} ------ > String[] Line #3 // same reference of String[]

arr = {"x","y","z"} ------ > String[] Line #2 // same reference of String[]

The reference never change. Am I right?

next code shows the same, not with arrays:

x = 1 ------ > StringBuilder Line #1
a = x
x = 12

so it prints:
a: 12
x: 12

So, the question is: Can We change the value of the var if We dont change the reference?

Hails from Mexico
You must try mexico city subway!!!

10 years ago
Well, that happens often, because:

1) They says "im an Architect", the people who hire arent experts so " im Architects, 27 years, 3 years experience and i ride motorcycles" they will be like "WOW!"
2) they can manage projects but cant develop. So, theyre more like project leaders
3) They are like doogie howser

You need a lot of experience, knowledge about almost everything, infrastructure, weak points, skills, how to fix problems without ask, help people, be rational, work team, work under pressure.

I know many guys who say, "im an arch", but they arent."
The organization depends too, if i have a company, i need money. I prefer to sell archs than programmers(outsourcing)

Work hard, be honest with yourself. And you could become a good architect

Hails from mexico city!
10 years ago
Thanks guys =)
the same here


nothing here

it's code never reached too... a bit odd

I guess, FOR as SWITCH must have predefined variables on the stack to play(in switch constant values assigned on the declaration)

Java tutorial says:

but it's more like,

it prints

Thanks to all!

Can you help me here?

this one, compilation fails

this one, infinite loop.

If the condition is false, then the for is useless right? why the unreachable code?

Thanks in advice
Alejandro Casarrubias
ups i didnt read well. for me
11 years ago
Thanks for your help.
11 years ago
Is this a bug? what do you think.
Im thinking and i cant find a purpose for this

int[] arreglo3 = {,};

Thanks in advice.
11 years ago
once i had a similar problem.
I fixed saving the rs.getString(1) into a variable and just calling the variable.

Hope this help you.
Thanks to all ranchers, thanks to Carlos Gomez "Mr Iberck".

Is not the best score, but is a pass score!

I need more practice on Threads( my weak point, 25%)

Thank you guys!
14 years ago
Hello, this is my first message here

Well i think that Whizlabs is good, and master exam is good too.

So you could watch some questions of whizlabs just downlowad the software.

C ya!