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Recent posts by sampath kumar

Hi all,
I cleared the SCJP 1.4 with 80%, quite happy about that. More than the percentage, it has really helped me to explore java.. I thank all the members of javaranch. Your discussions, Q & A with each other has helped me to leran a lot. It is really good to see you all helping each other in such a good manner. There is nothing better in life when your knowledge has an effect to improve somebody's life. You are all doing very well and my best of wishes for all those who are going to take exam. I have only one advice to all: Just believe in you, exam is not that much difficult, but practice, practice..before you feel confident And remember God is with you..

Those who have finished the exam, i have some doubts on some issues:

1)Online Results
I took exam on Oct 20 2006. I can see only see my overall percentage in this link: but not report on each topic. I was unable to login to this link which was mentioned in the report: Also i stay in bangalore, after how many days do you think i will get the certificate.

2)What's next?
I feel that i spent a lot of time for SCJP 1.4 certification. Now i think its better not to write any other certifications for a while and just learn other j2ee technologies which will help me to get a better job, which is my main purpose. What do you all feel? I want to know your experiences and the things you have been statified with. Your suggestions are always welcome and i hope it will help me a lot.

With Regards
16 years ago
Thank you Satish
You were correct I called them and met them after you mail..
Hi all,
I have finished preparing for SCJP 1.4 and planned to take exam. I saw the below prometric centre listed in, which is nearer to my place.

BANGALORE, Karnataka 560095
Phone: 41216130/41102030 Site Code: IIG24
No.65, First Floor,KHB Colony,
2nd A Cross,5th Block,
Koramangala,Behind Wipro K1
Building,Near JyotiNivas Coleg

- Have anybody have written test in this centre
- How to confirm it is a prometric centre
- Any other things i should be careful before taking the exam.

Your suggestions will be helpful.
Thank you...
[ October 14, 2006: Message edited by: Barry Gaunt ]
Hi all,

Consider this class

package PackA;
class Sample
public Sample()

Note that the class is having default package visibility.
Then What is the idea behind the public constructor when the class itself is not visible outside the package?
Can anybody any uasge or neccessity of above public constructor?
Hi all,

Consider this block

Will finally block execute? If so which executes first System.exit() or finally block...
Hi All

I want to know where i can get the cd or book of Whizlabs kit for SCJP 1.4, as i dont want to download through internet.

Thank you