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Recent posts by Jimmy Dee Ramoe

I don't know the exact name of IBM's Rational Software IDE for Java
but mean that new version than IBM's WSAD.

What are the other real possibilities for IDE if you have to develope
Java software into WebSphere environment?
That Rational's IDE (I have version 6.0) is full of bugs!
It does not refersh files properly into IDE if files change in filesystem.
I don't even remember all problems what I have had with environment thats
why I would like to another possible IDE?

Does JIdea have any support for WebSphere? Or do you use other products?
Please tell me, thanks!
15 years ago
Hello, have anyone of you succesfully installed Hibernate zip-package to
Eclipse in proper way? I don�t understand what is wrong when I unzip Hibernate into eclipse/plugins directory and start eclipse usin -clean

Hibernate wizards are missing ... anyone know or guess what could be wrong?
Sun's J2SE 6.0 is now Beta 2.
Does anyone of you have information when the first relase of J2SE 6.0
is coming?

How fast that affects to SCJP exams?

Actually found myself a answer finally.
Proper way in my case is to use sql: create directory and put java files
there. PLSQL can can use Java classes that resides in disk's directory.
And those classes are visible to ordinary OC4J WebApps too.
15 years ago

Does anyone know if there is a possibility to call Java classes in J2EE application server from PL/SQL stored procedures?

I have a situation where I would like to offer a interface to third party vendor via PL/SQL and then offer an Java interface to standard J2EE clients using those same Java classes (like facade to service).

Has anyone any experince considering this kind of issue?

15 years ago