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Recent posts by Joe San

That's a great reply! Solving problems with different approach and finding out which one is efficient is a good way to learn and reason about. Thanks!
3 years ago
Does the book also talk about using different algorithmic techniques for a certain problem set and goes to the depth to explain why certain algorithm is best suited for certain tasks? Do you also explain about the Time complexity in Big O notation?
3 years ago
Thanks for the reply! Those topics around competitive programming seems interesting!
3 years ago
I agree with you, it is about thinking in terms of algorithms, but nevertheless I wanted to find out if the book takes an imperative approach or a functional approach to implement the algorithms!
3 years ago
Which programming language is used in this book? Is it C?
3 years ago
Interesting book! Where do I find the ToC? The Amazon link seems not to have it,

How is this book different from the Grokking Algorithms one?
3 years ago
Does this book talk about scripting deployment of a Kubernetes cluster? For example., using Terraform scripts, I can specify a barebones k8s cluster and by the execution of this script my k8s cluster can be set up on demand on any cloud provider. does this book address this?
4 years ago
I'm contemplating using Spark SQL for some of my data needs. I have a Python codebase that uses the Pandas library. I guess if I were to migrate that to a Scala codebase, I need something similiar to Pandas and I guess Spark SQL could be that. Now my question is, can I use Spark SQL without a Spark server? If yes, then I see Spark SQL as an alternative to Pandas. If not can anyone suggest me some good library to work with a Pandas kind of a library in Scala?
5 years ago
I have been reading through some blogs on getting to know myself better on this promising technology. I'm astonished that there is a book already on this. It is interesting.

I had a look at the ToC of this book "The Business Blockchain" but it does not look like a technical book, but rather a very quick overview of what Blockchain is. Is there a reason why this book was kept simple this way? I was expecting some sample applications where I could use Blockchain (using Etherum or IBM's HyperLedger)
7 years ago
I figured it out by myself. Here is what I had to do:

7 years ago
I have a client that I generate using the WSDL that I have. When I tried to connect to this WebService, I get the following error:

The actual server that hosts the WebService expects a SOAP message that contains the security header like:

How to get this along with my SOAP message that gets generated when the request is made? This is what I do in my code to call the WebService:

Any suggestions?
7 years ago
Welcome to Javaranch and Congratulations on your certification!
This is a perfect timing. We are containerising our Microservices with Docker as a first step. We want to add redundancy to all our Microservices as a next step. We are looking at all possibilities and this looks interesting thing to do with Kubernetes.

So I have got a couple of questions:

1. Can I create a Master / Slave kind of an architecture with Kubernetes? Say I have Microservice A running as a Docker container. Can I have Kubernetes manage this as a Master and have 2 or 3 other instances as slaves?

2. If the Microservice A is exposing ports, how would this behave with rudundancy? Should I have multiple ports open?
7 years ago