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Recent posts by Nishant Modak


I have a following SP. on Oracle 10g.

and the NTEMP is defined as a Type


I want to invoke this via JAVA. for which I have written the following code.

I get the following error on such usage

java.sql.SQLException: [BEA][Oracle JDBC Driver]Unable to determine the type of the specified object.

Any clues?

Thank You!
How did you resolve that problem?

How was the length of the packet configured?
10 years ago
If you haven't worked on any XML API. Would suggest you to briefly read through some tutorials which talk about JAXP, JAXB , DOM, SAX and Stax.
And then jump onto coding . It will help you come up to speed and use any API for that matter - once you 'get' a hang of what this is all about.
was this problem resolved? what was done?
11 years ago
A very interesting topic indeed.
Curious to know, if this scalability issues addressed on the multi core processing .. also covers a comparison to the buzz of clouds . (cloud computing)


11 years ago
Yes. I wrote the code using URLConnection just now.. . Its working fine.

Thanks for the reply!

I also wanted to send XML over, JMS .. but that is a differnt way entirely.

writing that code using javax.jms.*;
I need to post a XML request to a server over HTTP.

how can I do that?
Most probably, javax.xml.soap should solve the issue. Working on it.
Any sample code, will be very helpful.

12 years ago
I need to convert an object into SOAP format, and then dispatch this over JMS.
I need to do this on RSA v7.

What libraries can I use to do this?

12 years ago
Assumption: The service-reply has the attachment as 'SOAP attachment'.

1. Without the need for the Display PDF button.
---> The service response that you get can be handled with *coding* Handlers in the client side, where you can process the returned pdf attachment and then display it directly in the browser.

2. With the Display PDF button.
---> You still code the client handler for handling the service-reply with attachment then store it locally. And when the Display pdf is clicked in the same session. Display the pdf (open the pdf) in the browser.

I hope this helps. Let the forum know, how you achieved this.
12 years ago
The decision to expose a method as a webservice is a *decision*.
That simply implies that there must be *reasons* to do so.

Hence, it entirely depends on the *requirements* ; the context of the system, and the interaction of components.
12 years ago
You can also try using cURL to post the message through command line.

Ref. URL:

cURL - command-line URL
12 years ago

SWS - is Semantic Web Service.

SAWSDL - is Semantic Annotations for WSDL.

So, you cannot look into it, as a subset or something.

SWS - is a conecpt under Semantic Web, of having semantics for describing services. While, the Semantic Annotations for WSDL and XML Schema (SAWSDL) is a W3C Recommendation which defines mechanisms using which semantic annotations can be added to WSDL components.

SAWSDL - W3 Working Group

I hope this clarifies.

[QB]Can someone please briefly point out the fundamental difference between these two concepts....

is there a difference?

is SAWSDL a subset of SWS ?

12 years ago
Just change the context root from the WAS Console.
12 years ago
I have used MQJExplorer.

MQJExplorer is a Java based suite of tools and utilities for working with IBM's WebSphere MQ products.
Note: There is no support available for this AFAIK.

MQJExplorer Google Search

Hope this helps.
12 years ago