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Recent posts by Changski Tie Zheng Zhang

For me, it's a milestone.
For me, the explanation for answers is much more important than answer itself, it also shows the reason why the exam interested in that question. So, Whizlabs makes more sense for me.
Here is the email replied from Sun.

Dear Tie Zheng Zhang,

Thank you for contacting Sun Certification Customer Support. We are happy to assist you. We apologize for the delay in processing your request. We are currently experiencing extremely high email volume which is delaying our response time.

The upgrade exam you need to take is the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 (CX-310-053)

Please let us know if we may be of further assistance. Thank you for choosing Sun products and services.


Michele Castle
Sun Certification Customer Support

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2008 10:08 AM
Subject: Form Mailer

topic: Certification
questions: I'm SCEA (old version) and want to upgrade to new one. In sun's website it says that "Prerequisites(053): Passed (CX-310-051/CX-310-300A,CX-310-052)".

Which exam I need to take for upgrade: CX-310-053 only or CX-310-052 + CX-310-053?

Thanks guys, I will send an email to Sun to confirm how many exams need to be taken to upgrade, then I will post the result here.
It is said in sun's website that "If a candidate has taken and passed all three steps to the SCEA (CX-310-051/CX-310-300A,CX-310-052), Sun recommends that the candidate take the SCEA 5 Upgrade exam."

Is "CX-310-052" a typographical error of CX-310-061?

[ June 03, 2008: Message edited by: Changski Tie Zheng Zhang ]
In sun's website it says that "Prerequisites: Passed (CX-310-051/CX-310-300A,CX-310-052)"

Must I pass the 052 before taking the 053?

Anybody has any idea?

Thanks in advance
Hi Franziska,
Don't so depressed, you still have the chance to get.
How many classes are there in you class diagram?

And for Henrique,
I'm sure Anand has finished the part III. Nobody can be certified as SCEA without part III.
Hi Alex,
Finally I can say
Isn't it one of the best Xmas gift eh?
Yeah, that's it, 4 sequence diagrams only for the 4 detailed use cases.
Hi Shuai,
I did the same thing in part III, and it's ok, nothing need to worry about.

I sent an email to Sun, and they replied as the following:
Your assignment grade was returned from the assessors on: Nov 6 2006. Please log in to your files at the Assignment Watcher Database {} to check your grade. To see the assessors comments to your grade click on Test History, then Assignment Details.
Hi Satish,
Yes, voucher is transferable, and I just used a SCEA voucher transfered from my friend. The voucher is identified by number instead of name.
I got the result from the place where we download/upload the assignment ( It let me waited 4+ weeks, hope you can get your result soon.
Yes, I did show the Servicelocator. Actually in class diagram I showed from BD, Servicelocator, Session bean to DAO. That's pretty much everything the middle tier developer should work on.
Hi Fabiano,
Maybe the number of SCEA I estimated is not correct, but the number of SCEA in the earth IS confidential from Sun.