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Recent posts by Wang Hsin Yoong

Thanks for your reply.

I think this two web application is running under a same JVM. I am not very sure abt this because i only install one JDK in my workstation.

The Alfresco DMS do not support the GET method which i read this from their forum.

I am writing a JSP form (called bridge.jsp) to pass the username and password from the E-system to Alfresco DMS through session. The bridge.jsp in locate at the E-Systems application. While I try to retrieve the username and password through the session from Alfresco DMS (using login.jsp), it retrieve NULL value with the same session variable in Alfresco DMS.

When i try to debug this problem, i am using the E-System application to retrieve back the username and password through the session, it works by return the exact username and password. This show that this two application is using two different session space, am i right? how to join this two application session space into one?

Thanks you.
17 years ago
Dear all,

I have this problem.

I want to pass session from E-system JSP page to a Alfresco DMS JSP page.
I have tried many methods but still fail.

Is there any way to do this?
This two application locate in same tomcat server

Thanks you.
17 years ago

I am an undergraduate student in IT. I only study J2SE in my University.
But before that I have experience in PHP and .NET programming language.

Now I am doing a research project in a company. It is a construction company which only have 3 seniors in the IT department.

I have been given a project that require me to link a web application (called E-System, that been developed by previous batch interns) with an open source project (called Alfresco Enterprise Content Management System). I have study both application coding. I have no problem in understanding the coding of E-System application.

But I really have a trouble to study the open source coding of Alfresco. It is using a lot of technology that have not been learned by me and even my seniors do not know what is that. I only know the Java and JSP code in Alfresco but I am blind in JSF, Spring Framework, Hibernate SQL and a lot.

Is it my undergraduate degree could not done this? Because I only left less than one month time to develop those linkage.

Is there any senior can give me opinion on this situation?

Hope that my boring story wont make you fall asleep. Please forgive my English grammar mistake.

Thank you.
17 years ago
Thanks for reply.
I have a question here. Hope someone can help me out.
I need a OCR support in my system, I found that OCR API is not available free. Is there someone had developed some systems that using OCR API before? Can I develop an OCR myself? or where can I get references?

Thanks you for viewing my post and reply.
17 years ago
Dear all,
HELP.....I now developing a java web based application and now need to add in a scanning function inside there.
I need to scan a document or photo with the web application and then store it into MySQL database.
Is that possible to do?
Can someone experienced this help me or give me some opinion...?

Thanks to all who view and reply.

Good day....
17 years ago
Thank you Henry for not deleting this post yet.
I really dunno where i should go, and i search the Aprise SDK in here and i get this post.
Hoping that i am not violate any rules in here.
17 years ago
I found this post here.
I hope some one who know this please help me.
I need an open source Java OCR in my university project. So can i use this Aprise OCR library to help me doing it?
Need money or not?

Thanks for helping.
17 years ago
Thanks you for helping me...
I had done research on the Java Open Source DMS. It is hard for me to find a Java based and MySQL database DMS. beside that, i had download a open source DMS call Magnolia but there is lack of information of how to use the source code.
Hi...I am Edison.
I am a newbie in java. I now doing a final year project call Document Management System.
I had tried to find a few open source project, like Xinco DMS, Contineo and Magnolia.
I want to build a web based DMS for my project and I would like to build it on top of a open source DMS project and improve it for additional functions that I would like to add on.
Can I have any professional suggestion in here?
What other Java open source DMS I still can use? or anyone who had participate in such project can help me?

Thanks you for anyone who reply me.

Warmest Regard.
Edison Wang