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Recent posts by Chris Stann

I'm in the process of migrating some applications from Struts 1 to Struts2.

In Struts 1 the plug in configuration was defined like this :

How would one go about configuring an analogous plug in with Struts2? My search thus far has yielded no results.
11 years ago
It has been a while since the original post but I wanted to update with my solution, for posterity.

I ended up using indexId which is used to index the columns within a table. If you look below, the solution is rather elegant, if I say so myself. :-)

15 years ago
I'm using logic:iterate to build rows and cells of a table.

The outer iterator creates my rows and the inner creates my cells.

The trouble is that I want cells in the first column to be aligned to left and the rest aligned to right. How can I do this?

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[ October 31, 2008: Message edited by: Chris Stann ]
15 years ago
Well, well, well... the code works.. In Internet Exploder! Argh... I was testing in Firefox.

Note to self: Always test using multiple browsers without assumptions of cross-compatibility.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give it a try and post results.
I have been trying to solve this for sometime now and it does not seem to work.

I have a text field defined in a jsp page:

I have this fancy Javascript function which searches a list and returns the result. Search is working fine. The result needs to show up in the above text field. The code below is supposed to make that happen:

searchlist.options[0].text contains the results of my search - I have verified this. classText.value does not seem to take the search result.

Help please?
-cp is an abbreviation of -classpath.
Are you sure you are ready? Take a full mock exam and make sure your scores are high enough. If not, reschedule your exam.
Somehow I don't see many folks wanting to brag about their low passing scores or failures, hence the prevalence of high score posts. I would be interested to see the real passing average scores from Sun.
16 years ago
Page 539, Chapter 7 of K&B states:

Collections come in four basic flavors:
- Lists Lists of things (classes that implement List).
- Sets Unique things (classes that implement Set).
- Maps Things with a unique ID (classes that implement Map).
- Queues Things arranged by the order in which they are to be processed.

That points to Set and Sorted set as the answer.

Maps store unique IDs, but IDs are not the elements you store, they are only identifiers you use to find your elements. Maps will store duplicate elements and Sets will not.
I did not think we are required to know the range of values each primitive type and their respective wrapper class can hold for the exam. Did this change?
[ August 28, 2007: Message edited by: Chris Stann ]
They don't HAVE to be equal unless you want them to work in collections.
If you don't practice you don't get any better. Keep persevering. It might be a good idea to put off the exam if you haven't tested your abilities fully.
It works fine for "us" Locale. It also works for German locale if you do not use setParseIntegerOnly option.