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SRV Gopal

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Recent posts by SRV Gopal

People told me that the Mock Exams on the JDiscuss web site JDiscuss are almost similar to the 3 tests on Manning. [I don't have the Manning book though, and hence I can't confirm]. But the mock exams on JDiscuss come with answers at the end after completing each one.
Hope this helps!
CONGRATULATIONS! Way to go man! BTW what are 'Flash Cards'?
17 years ago
Hi All,
Can anyone help me out on this one?
Which of the following are true wrt sendRedirect method of HttpServletResponse?
A. Sets the Location Header
B. Path can be only relative
C. To support clients w/o redirect capability, method writes a short response body that contains a hyperlink to the new location
D. Must be called after response is committed else throws IllegalStateException
Select any two.

Thanks in advance.
I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there are indeed people 'lying' in their resume about 5 years experience in C# !!! Some people would go to any extent to get in the door ...
17 years ago
Check out the following link at JavaRanch itself.
JavaRanch SCWCD Links
Most people here feel the SCWCD book by 'Hanumant Deshmukh & Jignesh Malaviya' (Manning publications, I think) is the best prep book.
Good luck!
Thanks a bunch!!!
Did U get a hold of Vel's notes? I used the JavaRanch Search Engine & entered 'VelMurugan Notes' as the search topic and I got the link to it. Good luck!
Hi All,
Are the SCWCD (Freebies) Mock Exams available at the JavaRanch SCWCD link sufficient preparation for the actual exam or is it an absolute must to buy commercial exams? I have spent considerable amount of money on 3 books (of course when I bought the books, there were no exam specific books, like Manning now) and I am trying not to spend more. I am also reading the good notes of Ken Zrobok/Michelle/Alx Dark/VelMurugan/Miftah Khan. Have also taken the JavaRanch's very own freebie SCWCD mock exam and Anand Chawla's mock exam and have been doing ok in them.
Is there a way out? Help!!! Suggestions Welcome!
Thanks in Advance.
Whether my lifestyle is entirely different or not from the picture you have painted in your earlier mail is immaterial here. You have ignored several other sections of the Indian diaspora, for example:- Thousands on student visa, many on business visas, many many more who are permanent residents and all these people have a totally different lifestyle. I am not gonna go into great details here.
17 years ago
That may be the life that you lead. DO NOT GENERALIZE!
17 years ago
I am not sure if there is any 'event' that will cause the doHead() method to be invoked. My understanding is that it is the programmer's responsibility to explicitly call doHead() whenever there is a need for knowing the header details such as content type/length, last modified date/time, author etc,. I may be wrong.
17 years ago
Many thanks to Vivek, Dharmin and Hari.
Hi Mika,
Thanks. I did try Anand Chawla's mock too. But I had difficulty with the language used in his exam. There were some errors too ...