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Recent posts by Ramu Malur S R


We have been using Hadoop from past 6 months.
It has changed the way we think programming and not to forget the immense performance improvements.

Few queries to Chuck,

Which Hadoop distribution you would be targeting 0.20.2 ?
Do you also cover Unit testing for Map reduce programs ?.
- This is one area where not much information and guidelines are available. At least we did not get sufficient info in this regard.
Do you cover how to integrate, already written, Map Reduce programs in the Cloud, ex: EC2?

11 years ago
Thats great Satish.

I am really looking forward to buy one copy.
12 years ago
Hi Satish,

Congratulations on the release of your book
Integrating Flex with the Java Server side components is perhaps the most sought after topic in Flex space.
I guess its mainly because of the wide spread usage of Java in enterprise world and of course the Rich UI you can create using Flex.

What type of Server side Java components are you targeting in this book?
Do you cover Web Services, Servlets, EJB and POJO?

- Ramu
12 years ago
Hi Satish,

Congratulations on your new book

Integrating Flex with the Java Server side components is perhaps the most sought after topic in Flex space.
I guess its mainly because of the wide spread usage of Java in enterprise world and ofcourse the Rich UI you can create using Flex.

What type of Server side Java components are you targetting in this book?
Do you cover WebServices, Servlets, EJBs and POJO?

- Ramu
12 years ago
Hi Clark,

I took "Sun Proficiency Assessment" and cleared with 63%
The questions seemed more tougher than the actual exam.

- Ramu

Yes there were 7 questions (I counted them during review).

Thats what surprised me, as per many posts there were very few or no questions regarding DD / Schema.
But I got 7

Few of them were also on the schema validation.

If I remember, one question was on the Interceptors focusing on the ordering of the Interceptors.
There were 3 options with very minor difference in tag names in all.

Regarding scores, I got 43 % in first, 67% in second(I took 1 week to prepare to take this test), 72% in 3rd, 67% in 4th and 78% in the Unique test.
My focus was to make the progress report green in all objectives (I did for all except MDB section)

- Ramu
13 years ago
Hi All,

Today I cleared SCBCD 5 with 93 %.

I have to thank to the forum which was helpful in clearing many doubts( I was a passive participator though, just going through the topics to get hold of things better).
I had little Work experience in EJB (nothing in EJB 3.0).

Now the long preparation story, for those who are interested

EJB 3.0 by O Reilly
This was my first step towards Certification. I found this book neatly organized with many examples and code snippets.
Particularly the explanation regarding DD tags, which I repent now for not concentrating much.
After going through many topics posted, I did not expect many questions in the exam on DD tags, but I got 7 questions on DD tags concentrating on many objectives.
Though not focused on Certification, this book is worth reading, it will definitely help you to get to know the BASICS right.

Mikalai Zaikin - Study guide
Well, The most well organized study guide available to SCBCD 5
Thanks Mikalai, for the efforts you have put behind for this WONDERFUL guide.
This was the guide which I referred the most, more than the SUN specs itself

Enthuware Simulator
I had to go for Simulator as I had very less preparation, just 2 weeks is not enough to prepare for any exam. The one I chose is Enthuware.
After I took the first exam, which I failed miserably (Just scored 43%), I was so much low on confidence.
But the approach suggested by the Simulator worked right for me. Just a simple approach, take a test find out your weak areas and study them before taking another test. Simple and effective approach, that works in preparation for any exam.
I have to also appreciate the quality of the questions, they cover each and every objective in detail, explanations are great.

Thanks Enthuware Authors for the Wonderful product.

SUN Specs
When I read it the first time, I thought of not giving the exam and sell the voucher
I just could not digest the new concepts in EJB 3.0 in one go, thats where the EJB 3.0 book and Mikalai Zaikin's notes came handy.
After reading the book and the Study guide, I went through the specs to see if it was as difficult as I thought earlier.
But, no it was not that difficult to follow this time .
So I would suggest the ranchers who are planning to take the exam, to read any book before going through the specs. Its just the confidence of knowing some thing that makes the difference in the mindset.

- Ramu

13 years ago
Congratulations !
13 years ago
Hi Guys,

Thanks a lot for all your Wishes.

I had around 2 years of Programming exp in Java 1.4 prior taking the exam. Also I had done around 4 months of development work in the current company in Java 1.5, this helped me a lot.

K&B book, which I referred, was the most important step towards my success in certification.

The practice questions given at the end of each chapter are very helpful in testing your understanding. The most important thing is not to repeat the mistakes or forget the concepts that you learn while answering these questions.

I could not afford for commercial certifications. But mock exam by Marcus Green and the exam that comes with K&B CD was very helpful.

Finally, its better if you give enough time to prepare for certification instead of rushing for it(at least 2-3 months, if you have prior exp in Java. Well thats my opinion!!).

All the best for the folks who are preparing for it.

- Ramu
15 years ago
Hi folks,

I passed the SCJP 1.5 with 97%.

Thanks to Java Certification book by Kathy and Bert, without which I wouldn't have got this high score.

I owe a lot to Javaranch members for answering my queries and giving wonderful explanations to many complicated questions.

Thanks again

- Ramu
15 years ago
Hi all,

Even I think the answer should be 5

String s1 = "abc"; //creates 1 obj
String s2 = new String("xyz"); //creates 2 new objects, one in String pool and one in heap

s1.toUpperCase(); //creates 1 obj
String s3 = "abc" //No object created (String Pool)
String s4 = s3.replace('a','A'); //creates 1 new object

- Ramu

When you say B b1 = new A(),
The objects that b1 can refer to should be of type B or anything that is a sub class of B.
Here A is not a sub class(but the base class) of B. Hence the error.

If it was B b1 = (B) new A(), where you explicity cast the object to B type, it would have compiled but resulted in ClasscastException at runtime.

When you print the value of the member variable, the value will be dependent on the reference type.
a1.a will print 5(Since a1 is declared of type A)

- Ramu

P.S. : Please use English in your queries

Creating a new instance of a class is same as creating an object of the class.

As far as Abstract classes/interfaces are concerned they can never be instantiated
i.e. you cannot tell AbstractClass ob = new AbstractClass(); anywhere in the code

- Ramu

The below link gives you complete details of all the Sun Java Certifications.

The best book by far for SCJP preparation is written by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates

Just a suggestion, why don't you go for SCJP 1.5?

Hi Shiva,

Please remember,

"Method calls at compile time are always resolved by the type of the reference.
Only at runtime the actual overridden method is called, depending on the type of the object that the reference points to."

Here the reference myQ defined in main is of type Q1. At compile time it resolves to the method that is defined in Q1 class. Since this throws Exception. You have to handle this, not the EOFException thrown by the overridden method in Q class.

- Ramu