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chnaresh Cheedella

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Recent posts by chnaresh Cheedella

Hi ,

I want a method in java which will exactly work same as javascript's
escape() method. Please help me.
15 years ago
why don't you try in this manner
while( {
outfile.write("<leaveinfo xxx="+rset.getDate("startdate")+" year="+rset.getString("Year")+.........+"/>");
15 years ago
for this

see whether WEB-INF ,web.xml

and observe that code of the jsp .

because there is a chance to get exception while translating the jsp into servlet (ex: NumberFormatException,NullPointerException)

so observe that code.
15 years ago

I don't know in websphere. But I know how to create java.policy
through command prompt.

step 1: open commandprompt
step 2: type policytool and enter
it will open a new form and displays error as java.policy not found and remember that path (you need to create that policy file in that path only)
step 3 ress add policy entry

step 4: press add permissions

step 5: select all permissions

step 6: save it as java.policy in the same directory whatever I said in step2)
step 7: you will get one alert message that the file has been created successfully.
15 years ago
You can put session time out in web.xml

there you specify the session time out.
and also put error page in that xml then whenever the session time has been over then it will displays that page.
15 years ago
What my suggetion is

Don't put ant database related code in the servlet.
You create one class(DAO ata Access Object) that should be deal with
all database related problems.Then use that class in your servlet whenever you want to interact with database.

That is the best approach.
15 years ago

I also faced that problem.

But I am using eclipse.

I have changed the virtual memory size of the jre as

-Xms512m -Xmx512m -Xss256k

to change that one you need to go in eclipse


after changed that one I have not got that problem again.
15 years ago