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Recent posts by saurabh suman

There is explanation of program not working on small heap size , before going ahead I would tell that you are lucky that you did not get the same error after increasing the heap size to 1024MB, if the records were larger you still can get the same error.

Here howz things work, I would not go into the detail of GC and young zen,old zen but the problem is not free space rather contiguos free space.

My explanation:
What GC does: mark,sweep and compact, in this process there are different algorithm for different JDK provider like sun,ibm and Bea systems.

Here is an example lets say total memory available is 100K
you need 10K for your single operation, it might be possible that even if 80K memory is available you can get outofmemory exception, lets assume there are some occupied memory at every 8K then the program will not find the contiguos 10K memory anywhere in the Heap and it will give out of memory exception.
I know I am not clear here ..but I can explain it better with visual diagram
14 years ago
Hi Eddie,
I am not sure what exact error you are getting. if you are getting acess denied then you need to give permission of read to the jar file.
If possible can you post your error , that will help me more
14 years ago
you can do that ...I would suggest not to show the attributes also.
If your design suggests that showing attribute is necessary only then show then only show otherwise you can exclude them.
Hi Gopi,
Is the handheld device is using any custom client written in java or in any other language? or it is capable of running a browser.
If cabale of running a browwser you do not have to worry but if it is a custom client I would suggest to use SFSB (if SFSB are used in your system)

Keep the point in consideration what is needed to idetify the data from handheld, if it is only 1-2 attributes then you can opt writting you own logic for updation
Doubt 2: If my earlier understanding is correct, then only A's value object and B's value object will be having the 1 to many relationship and their business objects need not be related at all. Am i right?

I think I did not understand the question at all but with my understanding if A and B are releated and has relationship, then no matter how you split that these two will have always some relation.

Anyway what ever be the actual scenario , I would suggest not to go in that much detail of showing the relationship at VO level.
Hi Aurelio ,
I have read somewhere and had gone to the sites also. There are few players in this area which used to provide the screen scrapper kind of functionality to integrate CGI with java. Try searching that on net.

I think there are some advantages of SFSB when we have many types of client like swing,html,WAP etc. In that case one request basis only the string representation of the SFSB will be passed to and fro but the session mangement is done at the server side and we do not need to maintain other attributes like username,cart etc at the client side.

SFSB has some overhead but I think this can be justified by the over head of writting custom code for maintaining session
I am not sure about the percentage of question in sigle choice and multiple choice but they specify the number of correct answers
I suggest not to put anything in MS-Word some time it is not showing up correctly in Star Office. May be the Sun guys are using there own office suit
I think you can use SunOne studio also. Give it a try I used sunOne studio for my assignment.
My suggestion ,please do go into the implementation detail to this extent. This will make your diagram complex and difficult to understand.

If you want to show this anyway, it is better to use the state pattern and attach that to transaction. In this way while deleting the segment you will take care of deduction also (strictly speaking any logic involved for deduction as depending upon policy of company full amount,partial amount or some percentage will be deducted)
Age: 30
Years Of exp: 8
Past in 1st attempt and took 2 months to finish part 1 to 3 (after that waited 1 month for result)
Job designation: Sr. System Analyst
I think people can use sun one studio also for UML diagrams and it is UML2 compliant also.
More over if you want to do some other stuff than just designing like coding you can use this.
This is bit slow to load but once loaded performance looked ok to me on 512 MB RAM
I have used the UML2 heavily and passed also somehow with 90% and in sequence diagram the score was perfect.
Here is the answers to you questions:

1) How many classes does you class diagram have? Is it implementation independent? Did you include members and methods?

Ans: I used arround 14 classes in class diagram.
Classes do not include member or methods and were implemetation independent (more or less) but I used some control classes and facades

2) How many component does you component diagram have? Did you include all JSPs pages? Just one big component diagram or split up by modules?

Ans: I had two component digrams(for search & payment ) each of which is extension of class diagram. I included all the jsp pages as well as thik client.

3) Are all your diagrams heavily commented?

I had 5-6 comment tags in each of the diagram (class and components) but those were realy useful comments so that I do not have to write down long assumption document.

4) Which tool did you use to model your solution?
I use rational for class and component diagrams and for sequence diagram I used sun one studio. The reason of choosing rational rose for component diagram as the component image in Sun one studio is not matching at all with components we normally see in the books (box with tongs) but I think you can use sun one studio for this as it is there product.

In sequence diagram i used UML2 and totally I had five sequence diagram one for sign on to make other diagram less cluttered.

In assumption document I had only 12 one liners, actually I came up with 13 one liners but I did not like the number "13" so merged two of the one liners
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