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Thanks for your reply. I have 1.5 years of experience in Java. And I now in project release and I will be take around 2 weeks to assign any other project to me.

So, In mean time I want to do some certification. Since lot of new concepts have been introduced in 1.5, I don't know whether it's possible to study evertying.. that is why I have planned to write 1.4..

Any feedback in it...?

And also, I am planning to buy Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates book for 1.5. If i bought 1.5, can I use that book for both 1.4 and 1.5?
Hi all,

I am planning to do the certification in SCJP (JDK 1.4). I want to know what are the objectives/syllabus for JDK1.4. Where Can I get the details about what are the syllabus for JDK1.4? Is there any web site for it? If so, pls provide me the link.

And also, What are the best books we can use for SCJP JDK1.4 certification?
I am going to buy books for it, so pls suggest some good books and also provise links for online tutoiral and Mock exams..
Hi all,

This is very very basic priciple in OOPS, which I didn't have clear understanding.. Though I have searched in google and find the definition, it's not clear and I want some good example to explain it. They are:
1. Abstraction
2. Encapsulation

Above mentioned two are hiding something correct? How to differentiate the above thing?

Before that, I will tell my understanding about both: Encapsulation is Data Hiding. Example: Declaring the variables private, so that other classes can't able to access the variables directly, and to access thru public gette/setter. Is it Correct?

What about abstraction? Anything related with abstract keyword in java? Like abstract classes can't have any implementation. So we are hiding the implementation.

Can I say like this:
Encapsulation: Hiding the variables/methods in a class
Abstraction : Hiding the Implementation of a method.

And also for knowing some basic concepts like this in Java, is there any liks?
15 years ago
When it will be available in market?(book shops)
15 years ago
Thanks for your reply..

I have some work experience in Core Java, Servlets, JSP and Struts..
But I have now only started working some projects in Eclipse. So I don't have indepth knowledge in it...
So, before I start working on plugin development with the help of books mentioned by you, it is required to get/learn some books on eclipse..

If so,please suggest some good books on eclipse(with Java) for beginners...
Me too know there is a google engine which will bring us what we needed in a fraction of seconds. Why I am posting is, since this gorup members will know some good tutoirals(with samples/examples) for beginners than the google which will list from advanced. May be a silly question to post, but the below thing managed to post me..

Any way, thanks for your help. And here goes my second question on serializing/deserializing.

I am first serializied the object state in the file called "hi.ser", then when I tried to desrialized I am getting this error:


public class BoxRecover{
public static void main(String args[]){

Box myBox = new Box();
FileInputStream fi = new FileInputStream("Hi.ser");
ObjectInputStream oi = new ObjectInputStream(fi);
Box width1 = (Box) oi.readObject();
System.out.println("width ::::::::"+myBox.getWidth());

}catch(Exception e){
15 years ago
Hi all,

I would like to know some basic concepts on Serialization, Transient and Volatile? Any good java tutoiral explaining this with some good examples?
15 years ago
Hi all,

This is regarding the feasibility of adding my own plugins to Eclipse. I know Eclipse is the Open Source. I want to add some plugins to Eclipse. For that What are things to be known? that is, In what are all the areas (technically) one should be very strong? Where can I get more support in this work?
Thanks for your reply and it's good explanation.

So from the service provider side, they have to generate the WSDL xml file only(using some tolls like JAVA2WSDL).

The client will get this WSDL file and he will get the Java Files for this WSDL file(using some tools like WSDL2JAVA)

In case of fibonacci example, by above mentioned is true, then the client will have all the server side coding also.

For Example, everything mentined below, the cliet will get.

So calling a method fib.calculateFibonacci(10)) is local to the client. That is, whether the client will call the calculateFibonacci(10)) in the server side or calculateFibonacci(10)) in the client side(since the client will going to get all those files (java files) mentioned above)?
15 years ago
I am learning XML Schema XSD. How to validate the XML against XSD/DTD? Whether I need any validator to be downloaded? or IE Browser will have it by default?

Whether we can validate programmatically only? Pls suggest some site for XML validating with XSD? And also for XPath..
[ November 06, 2006: Message edited by: Mark Tigerwood ]
Hello to Everybody,

My First Post on this Forum!!

I am started learning web services. And I have tried one sample web service example (fibonacci). At this stage, I have few queries to clarify.

As a service provider, I have to do the following things: (Pls correct me, if I am wrong)

1. Write the interface (with business methods)
2. Implement that interface.

3. Generate the WSDL file from the Interface using Java2WSDL tool.
Here comes my first question: What this WSDL file contains?(I have seen this WSDL file, which is the XML file. That's what I know) What is the role of this wsdl file? Whether without Java2WSDL tool, we can generate manually?

4. Generate the Java Files from generated WSDL file using WSDL2Java Tool.
Why we generating the Java files from WSDL xml file? Whether we can't do this wihout WSDL? That is generated WSDL xml file is having the interface details, I am guessing. Why can't from that interface, we can directly generated the rest of the java files like

5. Deploy the jar files.

Upto step 5, it's the service provider task.

How the client will know the service provided by the service provider?

And also, where are all we can use web services? Give some example application that suits web services? If so, why can't the EJB can be used for that same application?
15 years ago