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Recent posts by Holden Caulfield

The precise info you provided about your assignment is very useful for me.
Thanks again
Amazing, I have decided to implement the same "architecure" as you have described in you last post. It makes me feel better

.. think of the FrontController, that is also the single point of access to a web-client. So I think it shouldn't be that bad. What do you think?

Well, dont know. In my opinion the frontController is quite different. It is true that it is the single point of access, but on the other hand it has not as many methods as my BusinessDelegate. I was thinking about a FrontController who resolves dynamically to which RequestProccesor/ActionProcessor/ActionCommand deliver the processing staff (like the mainServlet of the PetStore) What do you think?

There is something for sure: The more I read, more doubts comes into my mind.

Hi Brian,

As far as I concern, the business delegate also hides the underlying implementation of the business service (look up stuff, getting the home/remote interfaces, catching handles, handling non business exceptions...)

Or we do need to have the Business Delegate even if it means just a layer containing the methods which calls the Session Facade to call the same methods?

I guess so. You will have practically the same methods.

Client --> Session Facade --> Application Service

I am thinking too using a SFSB to keep the conversational state of the client. I am also decided to use a BusinessDelegate to let the Presentation tier interact with the Business tier

Client --> BusinessDelegate --> Service Locator --> Session Facade (SFSB) --> Application Service (SLSB)

There is something I really dont really like about my proposal: I dont like having all business methods on the Session Facade. I guess it could grow and grow and grow... On the other hand, I need it to force all method call pass throw it in order to manage the client session.
Great Job my friend!
Thanks a lot for the info provided. I would like now to make you the famous serie of questions everybody ask (if you do not mind)

1) How many classes does you class diagram have? Is it implementation independent? Did you include members and methods?
2) How many component does you component diagram have? Did you include all JSPs pages? Just one big component diagram or split up by modules?
3) Are all your diagrams heavily commented?
4) Which tool did you use to model your solution?

Thanks a lot!