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Recent posts by P Wang

Finally redeemed myself and passed the test last week with a score of 83. It took me two and half months to prepare. I mostly used Core JSF, skimmed Complete Reference once.

The test is rough. The questions are not hard, but there are 87 questions and most of them are long. Less than 20 of them can fit within one screen. I couldn't finish it and had to "educate" guess the last 10 to 15 reading the answers only .

Know/understand the life cycles. Know the syntax of navigation. No html5, only basic custom component for me. Do understand packaging of JSF applications. Use common sense or Java EE sense.

Glad it's over, need to take a break. Took too many advantages of the 20% off code this year .

Himai Minh wrote:So far, I did not do well in the mock tests in Enthuware. I think those tests in Enthuware are tough.
In the real exam, are the questions that tough ?

The questions in the real test are easier in most subject areas, especially in transactions and MDB. Not many timer questions in real test either. For Enthuware, I am averaging 70% for the first time and 90%+ for the second time. If you understand the concepts in Enthuware, you should be fine in real tests. Just my 2 cents.

It's a relative easy test with my experiences. Took about a month of preparation. Used the materials in the SCBCD link. Enthuware is good though the transaction problems in the real test are not as hard.

Manish Verma wrote:Congratulations Wang. Great score!!

For the Restful Java with JAX-RS, could you please mention the relevant chapters for the exam not covered by the resources that I already have?

My impression is that there are not many problems on restful. Most of the problems are conceptual not code intensive. In that sense, Restful Java with JAX-RS is good for learning the concepts, especially the 1st edition. I only skipped Apache CXF and JBoss RESTEasy implementations from the book. But to just pass the test, the notes you have studied may be enough.
Took the test today and passed with 90%. It's the hardest test ever taken. Probably got lucky with many of the problems. Used the following materials:

1) Book: Java Web Services Up and Running 1st and 2nd edition. My impression is that the 1st edition is good for initial learning. Once you understand most of the concepts, the 2nd edition is enjoyable to read.

2) Book: Restful Java with JAX-RS 1st and 2nd edition. The 1st is better than the 2nd edition.

3) Ivan's notes

4) MZ's notes

5) MZ's quiz

6) Enthuware. I feel Enthuware is a little harder than the real test. Also the real test does not have much coding questions, while Enthuware has many questions with a lot of code like SAAJ. I scored around 80-90% on the Enthuware tests before taking the real one.

7) My project uses a little bit of JAX-WS and another project uses JAX-RS. This helps but real projects only use a little of what's on the test.

MZ's quiz and Enthuware are worth the price. Take care.
Luis's post ( and Baba's ( give good ideas how the test feel like. The official test (now out of beta) will require quick responses. 87 question in 120 minutes will be rough if the real test questions are the same as the ones in the beta test.

I like Core JSF much better than the Complete Reference. I don't think any one book is enough for the test. But I failed the test. So take it with a grain of salt. Others might give you better information. Also here is the Ranch JSF link page: for what it's worth.

Good luck and I believe you'll do better than me.

Just checked CertView and the beta test result is available now. Sadly, I got a score of 68% missing the required 70% passing mark. Anyone passed the test? Also the Oracle test page has been updates and the test is now out of beta.

Great score. Congratulations. Thanks for the topic list.
5 years ago
Took the test this morning. I echo Baba's observations. They are pretty close to my impressions. Here are my 2 cents.

* Core JSF book is not enough. The test is deeper than the book.

* There is not enough time. Averaged less than 1.4 minutes per question and there are very few trivial (straight answer) questions. Most of the questions requires looking at code snippets and the answers are mostly snippets too. Half of the questions would not fit in one screen. So one must read very fast and understand the questions and answers very quickly.

* I encountered more listener questions than converter and validator questions. There are a lot of AJAX questions.

* Several security questions too (at least 5). Application and container manged. One login config question that I particularly dislike. I was expecting form or basic. The question is on client which most people don't use and most of the books don't cover in details.

* As Baba mentioned, most of the places that mention html5 are in the answer choices. One caught me of guard: how to configure html5 under JSF 2.2.

* Didn't see any custom component questions though it's in the exam topics.

* Notice after the exam says result will be given after 8 weeks. It was 11 weeks on the Oracle web site. This disparity supports the theory that the test date has been moved to end of May.

Thanks for the pointer. I hate to prepare custom components because I don't use them in my project.

Great info. Thank you for posting.

Did you encounter any questions on custom components and custom renderers? How about custom facelet tag?

You can find reading material information in the JSF Cert link section:

Core JavaServer Faces (3rd edition) is a pretty good book to start. Not just for certification but for learning JSF. However this book does not cover all exam topics, you can google the ones that are not covered.

PrimeFaces is still based on JSF. Because JSF is extensible, people build on top of JSF. Other products based on JSF include (not limit to) Richfaces, Oracle ADF, and IceFaces. The underlining principles are the same. Once you picked one product, you are tied to it.

If you don't mind, can I ask you where are you located? I am wondering the state of job market for certified Java professionals in your area.

Thanks Jeanne. It makes sense to be JSF 2.0.

BTW, the Oracle site has updated the Exam topics details. AJAX, bundle, and html 5 will be included.

Great info. I rescheduled my appointment from April to May.

Regarding the exam subjects, do you have any more details? There are several areas that are different from the subjects covered in Oracle training course"Development Web Application with JSF".

Specifically, the following subjects are in the course description but not on your exam subject list.
1. AJAX and JSF
2. Message Bundle
3. HTML 5 and JSF
4. Third party libraries
5. External resource (JPA)

It's not surprising that 3, 4, and 5 are not included in the exam but 1 and 2 should reasonably be expected on in the exam.

Also do you happen to know which version of JSF the Exam is based on? JSF 2.2 or earlier JSF 2 version?

Paul, do you guys have plans for the Web Service Developer (1Z0-897)? Thanks.
6 years ago