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Recent posts by Vishal Ashtaputre

Joe Harry wrote:

Just a note from my previous experience working in EJB and Spring projects. In both of those projects, we had a similarity and that similarity was to use JPA. So from my perspective I'd prefer the JPA certification.

Yes, I too at my work use both of them EJB and the ORM tool (Hibernate). However, giving a thought, if 5.0 exam is providing both the exams in common, Why should not one opt it? Thinking that

Yes that's true,

However, I understand from one of the post, here in and around this forum, that new exam is a bit awkward with the objectives, i.e. not much clear alike our sun exams, secondly the exam has divided into two different certifications, A. EJB 3.1 (OCPJBCD) and B. Persistence (other exam).

Considering this SCBCD 5.0 still has both, A and B above, inclusive.

Thus feel like going with it.

Hello All,

I'm planning to take on SCBCD 5.0 against OCPJBCD. However, I'll need around max 3 months to get tested, thus a bit concerned whether it will be present till that time??

Any idea or anybody's knowledge about the question would be really helpful.


I'm not sure about the specifications.

This could be helpful: (Its a really nice notes/book)

""; --> this is the link in above mentioned topic.

This is really nice one to get started.
Yes that's quite true. There should be something done to stop this and maintain the heights of this wonderful series of Sun certifications.

Rohit - About SCWCD, i think you should go for Mikalai Zaikin's study notes. This is very short and to the point for getting the touch in small time. HFJS is nice book, but then 6 days would be less, i guess.

All the best

14 years ago
Yes this is true. Lot of prometric centers have this habit of making others wait (though they've booking in advance) and book students for the same time slot. This should surely be avoided.

We (exam takers) should ideally always book our exams prior to the date on the voucher.

We wish you get a fantastic score this time. "Fortune favors the brave"

14 years ago

I cleared SCWCD-5 on 25th. It was a long time i took. However i was involved with lot of things. But final month or so was the time were i could get the things happening. After appearing the exam, I found that version 5 exams are having lot of questions wehre we're given scenario, which makes the exam taker to think what he/she could do.

This gives a bit of touch to practical things, where we need to decide what needs to be choosen or done for a certain scenario.

Special thanks to HFJS. Excellent series of books with metacognition.

14 years ago
Servlet's method is as follows :

public ArrayList getReply(){

ArrayList ar = new ArrayList();


return ar;

16 years ago
I want to call a function using jstl.
This function is in my servlet. can i do this. if yes how.

Hav a look at following which is in my jsp

<c:forEach var="head" items="${getReply}" <<<<< I want to call a function here instead of getReply >>>>>>> >
param: <c:out value="${head.key}"/><br>
<c:forEach var="val" items="${head.value}">
<c:out value="${val}"/>
<br />

16 years ago
Hi ravi,

Congrats. Its great.

I also want to give the exam in next 2 mnths.

I already have HFJS but not the second one that you mentioned.

I think I may buy the book and the simulator too.

[Christophe : do not ask for illegal material]
[ August 21, 2007: Message edited by: Christophe Verre ]
hello all,
i wanted to know how we can bind various html components like checkbox, dropdownlist, etc using JDBC.

Also suggest any guide or tutorial for the same.

Hey man,

servlets & struts are very different.

But struts internally uses servlets somewhere.
While using struts technology you don't have to create servlets.
It's job of struts itself. There are lot of clases in struts, some important are
Action,ActionServlet, ActionForm,ActionErrors,ActionMessages,ActionError,ActionMessage
16 years ago