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Adam answered this in the FAQ at amazon:

How did you come up with the metaphor of the source code being a crime scene?

Well, I was in the middle of my psychology studies when I joined a course in forensics. At the same time, I was working full-time as a software developer fighting some scary large-scale legacy systems on a regular basis. The main challenge there is always to know which parts of the codebase really matter.

Which parts of the code become productivity bottlenecks? Which parts are hard to maintain? Where will the bugs be?

As I got into forensics, I realized that crime investigators face similar open-ended, large-scale problems that we do. And modern forensic psychologists attack these problems with methods useful to us software developers too. I decided to explore this connection and find out how we can apply it to code

8 years ago
If you want to stick to Ant have a look at Ivy. In a nutshell: Ivy uses the maven 2 repository to resolve the dependencies you declare in an Ivy file.
8 years ago
I switched ages ago from Trac to Redmine. Only thing I really dislike about Redmine is the fact that upgrading to a new version is usually really painful because of mismatching Ruby / RoR dependencies.
If you are using Git you should have a look at Gitlab which offers a community-edition.
If you are not referring exclusively to online resources I would recommend Next Generation Java Testing by Cedric Beust (the author of TestNG).
8 years ago
If I understand you correctly you are searching a framework which helps you with the workflows. If this is the case, have a look at Activiti
Have you checked for another base-directory? There *has* to be somewhere a log.
9 years ago
IMHO Redmine rocks (although upgrading can be sometimes really nasty because of Rails).
9 years ago
Are there any exceptions in your catalina.log? You can find it in the "logs"-folder in your Tomcat-directory. (Netbeans might use another base-directory where the log is written to. You can check this in Netbeans under "Window/Services/Servers" -> right-click on your Tomcat, "Properties" int the "Connection"-tab).
9 years ago
Maybe it's worth to take a look at Spring Roo and/or Apache Isis.
Are you using the latest version (version 3)? In that case you don't need any api-key anymore.
So just use this line:

(without the key-parameter).

If this still doesn't work: Are you using any ad-blocker (like NoScript)? Have you had a look at the JavaScript-Console as Rob suggested? Maybe you want to install Firebug ( if you don't have it yet because the JavaScript-Debugger is awesome.
Where exactly is your problem? Eclipse? Mahout? The algorithm? Fetching the data? Why are the wikis and blogs that you checked not enough?
Anyhow, nothing that you mentioned has anything to do with "build tools".
11 years ago
The table of contents can be found here. And as it seems the cloud is not a topic.
11 years ago

See the server log for details.

What does the log say?