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Madhusudan Gottumukkala

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Recent posts by Madhusudan Gottumukkala

Hello every one.

Do we have any tools to copy objects form one xml(schema based) to another xml(schema based)

To be in detials here is what I want

1. My webservice get request from abc.xml which is validated against schema1.xsd
2. this abc.xml should be converted to Java objects
3. and copied to object structure defined in schema2.xsd so that def.xml will be generated and sent to another webservice as request.

Here the catch is that the object structure of schema1.xsd is not exactly the same of schema2.xsd there will be some objects/elements structured different levels in these schemas.

As of now we are using JAXB conversion and writing java code to copy objects from abc1.xml structure to objects of schema2.xsd

But I am trying to find if there are any tools where in we can provide mapping and the tool can take care of copying values from one schema type to another.

Thanks !
8 years ago
What does "unspecified transaction context" mean?

I can see this word being used in many places of the SPEC. like for example in page 68 of core spec it says "The PreDestroy lifecycle callback interceptor methods execute in an unspecified transaction and security context."

Thanks !

Originally posted by Jonathan Aotearoa:
I used the specifications as my primary source of information. I didn't use MK's notes as they're basically the various specifications repeated verbatim.

The only book I used, which I'd definitely recommend, was Pro EJB 3. The author was one of the people involved in writing the JPA spec so you know you're getting the right perspective.

As for how I structured my work; I read the specifications cover to cover, making notes on each of the exam objectives as I went. As with all specifications the language can be quite repetitive so having condensed notes on the pertinent points can reduce the volume significantly.

A lot of the concepts can also be represented in tabular form so I created a few quick reference tables for things like transactional semantics, exception handling, EntityManager types and operations etc.

I used Glassfish to run any code I wrote for the purposes of testing concepts I wasn't 100% sure on - it's the reference implementation so why make your like complicated using JBoss or some other app server.

I also did as many practice question as I could get my hands on, including Sun's 2 practice exams and EnthuWare's EJB plus V5. I can't stress enough the value of doing practice questions. Not only does it get you in the habit of thinking like an examiner but it also reminds you to READ THE QUESTION! (Not that I noticed any so called trick questions in the real thing).

I was getting 90% plus on the Sun's practice exams, slightly less on the EnthuWare ones which are definitely harder than the real thing. I also spent a lot of time reviewing the answers to any practice exams, i.e. making sure I not only understood why the correct answer was correct, but also why all the other answers were wrong.

I hope this helps - good luck to you all.

Hi Jonathan,

Me too going through the SPEC(ejb-3_0-fr-spec-ejbcore.pdf) for preparing the certification. Though I have just started my preparation, would like to ask you how far are the chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 are important from the SPEC. Because these chapters mostly deal with older versions of Entity bean 2.1 and 1.1
From the point of certification do we need to concentrate on these topics.

Thanks !
11 years ago
That's a fair idea to start with the consepts of SOA. I appreciate your inputs.

Thanks !
12 years ago
Hi every body,

To start with my understanding of these technologies, I did SCDJWS certification. Well after clearing that trying to move one step ahead in this stream.

My question is what is the diference beteween web service and SOA.
as per my understanding web services are standards to achieve interoperability between distributed components(trying to put it in a nut shell).

And about SOA, as I read in some of the articles this is again architectural concept of distributed componets integration(correct me if I understood wrong.)

I dont see much difference between these two entities, both are trying to achieve distributed component integration. Then why to have two diferent names (web services and SOA). I wish some one from this group can help me understand the missing piece. please do direct me to any URLs or online stuff.

Thanks !
12 years ago
Ok now. Today morning I had cleared my SCDJWS.
I didn't had any developemt or maintenance experience of JWS. And it took 3 weeks of preperation. And here is my preperation summary.

1. Started with study material
2. Read RMH book once
3. For JAX-RPC Service end points read through the Java Blue print
4. Mock tests from Taken 3 tests.
5. MZ's guide and Quiz. (Frankly speeking MZ's guide would be the best one to do a quick revision of what you had studied.)
He had really made an effort in summarizing the Exam point of view details in one document.

Well I took this Certification just because my contract is going to end and had to fish for new one after my Dec Vacation.

Thanks to this forum and it's members for showing me the right direction.

Thanks !
12 years ago
Let me know if you still own the voucher. you can even contact me at

Thanks !

Originally posted by Kituz Pathangi:
I have a SCDJWS exam voucher that expires Nov 30. If any of you are interested in purchasing it please contact me @
Please have the Subject line as : SCDJWS Exam Voucher


Can some one please get me the MZ's Guide & Quiz in pdf format

Thanks in advance