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Recent posts by Harry Byte

Thanks guys!

@Ravaj: I submitted my assignment on Friday, the 26th December and I took the essay exam on Monday, the 29th December at a testcenter of Prometric.

Best wishes,
15 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

today, I received my final results for SCEA Part II (old):

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Technology Part II (310-061)
Date Taken: 2009-01-15 11:05:49.260
Registration Number: r16dus50c1
Site: gr321
Grade: P
Score: 85
Comment: This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section and the actual amount of points you were awarded. This information is provided in order to give you feedback on your relative strengths on a section basis. The maximum number of points you could have received is 100, minimum to pass is 70.
Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 39
Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 35
Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 11

I mainly followed Mark Cade and studied J2EE Pattern in depth. I don't know why I lost that much marks in the context of Component Diagram but to be honest, after spending a little time in reviewing I felt like I don't care anymore

I'd like to thank all of you for your valueable input and your essential comments.

Best wishes,
15 years ago

Originally posted by Stefan Meier:

I hope you were ganted the upload rights in the meantime.

For taking part III you will first have to buy a voucher for it at or a local subsidiary, if you haven't already.

Then you will have to schedule an appointment with a testing centre and finally sit on the part III of the exam.

Parts II and III will be graded together.

If you like you may also have a look at
JavaRanch SCEA FAQ.

Good luck!


Hi Stefan,

thanxs very much.
Meanwhile, I got the upload permission and schedueled the part 3 at prometric tomorrow
Is it possible to use my own documents and stuff during the essay exam or is it forbidden to use any material whilst sitting for the exam?

Best wishes
Hi Ranchers,

I recently finished my assignment (Part II) of the old exam and due to a lack of upload rights on , I sent an EMail to ses and prometric two days ago and I have not get a response yet. Anyway, I think positive and expect to get the upload right before New Year

Could you please tell me, you will I get the Part III of the exam. Do I have to send an additionla Email to SUN and Prometric or is the a download immediatly after upload part II within certmanager or ...

Best wishes
Hi Rayssa,

with "deep reading" I mean not just reading on the surface. For example, I used the SCEA Study Guide (Cade, Robertson) as my study-baseline and did the tests at the end of each chapter (1-7). When I felt uncomfortable with my results of a specific knowledge area (or the overall topic), I deepened my studies by applying additional resources (e.g. Design Pattern from Gamma or some internet articles about security and UML). In addition, it was really really important for me to do as much mock exams as I could in order to get used to tricky and strange questions (Btw: the unwritten rule, that Customers are always entity beans was NOT true in my exam;-).
I also think the time you will need for preparing for the exam depends heavily on your current experience and skills. I read about people who managed their preparation for part 1 within 1-2 weeks, whereas others took a 5 weeks off from work.

I wish you all the best for your exam.

this week, I've cleared Part 1 of the SCEA
Since this forum helped me a lot whilst preparing for the exam, I would like to share my exam experience and give something back to you.

I 've prepared about 2 month for the exam. 6-7 weeks Month of deep reading and 2 weeks of extrem mocking.

The following study materials were important for me:
- Books: Design Pattern (Gamma et al.), SCEA Study Guide (Cade, Robertson) & SCEA Technology Study Guide (Allen, Bambara)
- Online Resources: Core J2EE Patterns by Sun (
- Mock Exams: WhizLab, EpracticeLab, various online mock exams (

It took me approximately 55 min to complete all questions and I used the remaining time for reviewing my questions.

I 've experienced the various assessment sections of the test (e.g. Concepts, Common Architectures, Legacy Connectivity, ...) as different hard. For me, the toughest section (by far) was Application of J2EE. This section is dealing with situational question. A lot of text, some key facts as bullet points and a final question. Keep focusing on this final/actual question, since the amount of text could irritate you. For example, I had two (almost) similar questions, that differ merely in the kind/struktur of the final question. I recongnized this while I was reviewing my question. I liked the short and factual question from the Design Pattern and Protocol Sections. I found also the Internationalization and Security Section pretty comfortable to answer since the "universe" from which the question could be drawn seemed to me very small.

Well, now I have to rush to part 2 now and see what to do next ...

Hope this could be useful for you.

Good Luck!