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I have configured RollingFileAppender (with TimeBasedRollingPolicy from log4j extras) in for monthly rolling in a clustered environment (Websphere with 2 virtual servers(nodes) in single physical system). The log files are getting generated in all the 2 server locations but unfortunately only one node's log file is getting rolled over at the end of a month as mentioned in the file. Also when I use the same properties file for single server, it works fine and the files are getting rolled over at the end of the month as mentioned there.

So what shall I do so that the Log files get rolled over in an clustered environment consisting of 2 nodes. Please advise me.

Thanks for the reply.

The CSV file is written by the LOG4J using some pattern. It is a constantly updating file.

The file is accessed in the HTML/JSP page by using the anchor tag.

<a href='/fileLocation/myFile.csv'>My file</a>
I am generating a log in CSV format. This file is opened from HTML page using anchor/hyperlink tag. I faced the following issues:
1. Sometimes it failed to load last one or two rows.
2. Sometimes it failed to display recently log record but when the file is opened directly (not from page) the row is already exits.

Is somebody faced this issue? Is it a issue of LOG4J or HTML? I am totally no idea. Please anybody help me.
I have a CSV file in a shared location. This file is opened from the html page using anchor/hyperlink tag. When the link is clicked multiple times, sometimes it failed to load the last row. Is anybody face this issue. Pliz help me...
Thank you so much Paul. Your suggestion worked for me. Thanks Code Ranch.....
Please anybody help me. It is critical requirement.
But When the server restart again, the header is added again. Is there a way to avoid to insert the header again until the rolling criteria is made?
I am using LOG4J and write logs into a CSV file. I wrote my own pattern layout class to insert a header. But every time the server restarts, LOG4J inserted the header again and again. Please help to configure to insert the header once once until the rolling criteria is achieved even if the server restarts. Thanks in advanced.
My application is having two physical cluster servers in Linux. I want to set up a common file location to log information in a file and display that log in the web application as link. When the user clicks that link, they should be able to download or open it. Please help how this can be achieved. I am using WAS 7.0?
11 years ago

I have a dojo modal Dialog Box which pops up a subform from a main page when i checked a checkbox. The sub form has validations for some fields. When I open the sub form and closed it without filling the required fields and submit the main page, the vailidations are showing properly. My problem is when i unchecked the check box, I am able to removed the sub form as well as the error messages but when I submit the main form I am still getting the error from the already removed sub form.

Is anybody face this problem, Please help me.

Can anybody pliz help me, how to integrate JSF with Orbeon form?
14 years ago