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Recent posts by Swetha S

dear all

can anyone tell me some oracle good books
with author which contains

1)database design (entity relation ship diagram)
2)sql query
16 years ago

Can you please tell where I am wrong, This is urgent.

String count = new String("select count (*) from Detail where" +" serviceCode = '" + service_code + "'" + " and " + " OFFERINGNO= '" + + "'");

stmnt = conn.prepareStatement("select count (*) from Detail where serviceCode = ? and OFFERINGNO = ? ");

stmnt.setLong(1, service_code);
resSet = stmnt.executeQuery();
cont = resSet.getInt(1);
resSet.close(); // Release cursor
16 years ago
Is it through Abstract class?
hi frnds

I got a doubt while reading SCJP Text Book by Keithy Seirra.

please go through this

Class Car()

class Honda extends Car()

Car c[];Honda h[];
its said that
c=h;It can be assigned directly but h=c, needs type casting.

I got a doubt say, h Honda instance has some extra features that in car,
if we assign that to car, those features will be lost.Then what is the use of doing like that.

We usually do List l1= new ArrayList() rather than
ArrayList l1= new ArrayList(); Why?

I have a very simple doubt, Please somebosy clarify me in detail.
We usually declare like this,

a.List arrayList = new ArrayList();
and not

b.ArrayList arrayList = new ArrayList();

and what is the advantage of declaring List arrayList rather than ArrayList arrayList.
If we declare like a) arrayList will not get any properties of ArrayList, it will just have that of List Interface.

Can any body clarify?
17 years ago

Thanks again all of you. Regarding the commerical mock exams,
1. Enthuware, you have 5 enthuware mock tests in the net for free.
Each exam have 30 questions out 400(from data base)
2.The same thing applies for j2eeCertificate.com also. There you have many many tests.
3. Regarding Whizlabs, you have discount I think 80% off or some thing like that. (So you can around 500 Rs/).Even if you are not planning to buy, Read MikalaiZaikin Study Notes, if you are through with that notes,its enough.

4. No need to say you have to read and do all questions from HeadFirstServlets.

What I did is, I did atleast 2 mock exams per day after I completed HFSJ and manning and MikalaiZaikin Notes. What questions I went wrong, I noted them in my book. The day before I Go for exam I revised all the questions and MikalaiZaikin Notes , and imp points from HFSJ.

You have to read all the concepts throughly and am sure you can get very

Sree Raj,

I have only 1 year experience in Java. I dont know any thing SCEA..Whats tht all about.

Please do tell my what concepts we have in that.

Thanks alot all of you.

Also Please suggest me which one to take next.
Should I take SCBCD or WebServices?
Please suggest me.

Thanks and Regards,

Congratulations on the great Score
Hi friends,
I am very happy to inform that I cleared SCWCD with 91%.

I lost 6 questions out of 69. Questions on JSP standard actions <jsp:useBean> are little tricky.

I prepared SCWCD Head Firsts and then Manning.
I did j2eecertification.com mock exams many many times.
Then did all the enthuware exams and then Finally ended with WhizLabs.
Before 2 days did HFSJ's final mock tests.

So Thanks alot to all the JavaRanchers and please do advice me what I have to take next..
Hi Jyothi,

You are using
HttpSession session = request.getSession();
which always returns an already existing session or creates a new session and gives you.Hence session.isNew() is always false.

if you use like this
HttpSession session = request.getSession(false);
Hi SreeRaj,

ThankYou for your answers. I have another small doubt also.
<jsp:useBean id="employe1" class="..." />
<jsp:getProperty name="employe2" property="..." />

Is there any rule that id and name should be same?

This is question from Enthuware mock test

Which of the following is a sensible way of sending an error page to the client in case of a business exception that extends from java.lang.Exception?

Select 2 correct options
a Catch the exception and use RequestDispatcher to forward the request to the error page.
b Don't catch the exception and define the 'exception to error-page' mapping in web.xml
c Catch the exception, wrap it into ServletException and define the 'business exception to error-page' mapping in web.xml
d Catch the exception, wrap it into ServletException, and define the 'ServletException to error-page' mapping in web.xml
e Don't do anything, the servlet container will automatically send a default error page.

The answer is a and c. I always get confused, Why cant 'd' be the answer?

Can we wrap the exception in to ServletException and then define Servlet exception instead of Business Exception?

What happen if we have to <exception-type>ServletException<exception-type>
<exception-type>BusinessException<exception-type> defined in web.xml.

Please clarify this.I read many times, but I could not get satisfactory answers
Hi friends,
I have the doubts on the following topics

1. Serialization

What is serialization?If serialization is used, Are the session attibutes thread safe automatically?When is this serialization used?Is this used for distributed environment?

2.class Swetha
private test;
private marks;
public Swetha() // constructor with default values

// appropriate setters and getters

marks before is 50 before
<jsp:useBean id=�SS� class=�com.SCWCD.Swetha>
<jsp:setProperty name=�SS� property=�marks� value=�99�/>
<%=SS.getTest () %> Marks <%= SS.getMarks() %>

What will be the output? Will I get 50 or 99?

3. about valueUnbound

A session variable say "people" is bound to session scope.
When will valueUnbound method called?
1. When the session is destroyed ( Ilearnt some where that when session is destroyed, first valueUnbound is called & then session Destroyed)
2.When the session is timed out..(This I have doubt..Plzz confirm)

Plzzzz clarify my doubts..and I have still many to get clarified.

Thanks and Regards